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Anne Grady began studying the brain and neurodevelopment to find answers while searching for treatment options for her son, Evan, after he was diagnosed with severe mental illness and Autism. Then, after being diagnosed with an avocado-sized tumor in her salivary gland in 2014, she had to lean on the tools she learned with her son to help her through this difficult time.

Now, she wants to help others cultivate the habits and skills to build strength through struggle with the science behind resilience.

With a master’s degree in organizational communication, Anne shows people how to harness the power of resilience to break out of reactivity so they can communicate, lead, and live on purpose. Not only is Anne Grady recognized as a leading expert in the fields of leadership, communication, and resilience by Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, Inc., Fast Company, FOX Business, CNN, and more, she is also a living testimonial.

Described as “authentic, hilarious, inspirational, and a ‘dropper of truth bombs!’”, she quickly connects with audiences, sharing inspiring personal stories, cutting edge, research-based content, and implementation tools to transfer learning into real life.

Anne Grady will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone, inspire you to break through barriers keeping you stuck, and help you build an arsenal full of actionable strategies that you can use immediately to build unstoppable resilience.

Anne Grady | EQ Resilience



Understand your brain, your habits, and the belief systems that can both support and sabotage your resilience.

Learn to cultivate positive emotions, make stress work for you, and engage in activities that proactively build resilience.

Step out of reactivity to focus on what is most important, resetting your nervous system, priorities and perspective.

Learning Objectives
Anxiety, stress, and burnout are at an all-time high, and if we don’t take time to reset, the physical and psychological results can be catastrophic. More than training, education, or experience, your resilience determines your success, personally and professionally.

Fortunately, resilience is a set of skills and habits that can be learned and cultivated. Learn how to take back control, make stress work for you, and cultivate a resilient mindset, skill set, and the ability to reset.

By the end of this Anne Grady session, employees will be able to:

  • Practice brain-based strategies to offset your negativity bias.
  • Shift the way your brain interprets and responds to stress.
  • Develop a toolbox full of resilience-building skills.
  • Utilize mindfulness to reset your nervous system.
  • Build emotional reserves to prevent and combat burnout.

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