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Creating a Personal Strategy

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Author:  Leah Kitoloh

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln

A powerful quote! Do you know that Abraham Lincoln considered even himself a failure for the most parts of his life? He failed far more than he ever succeeded in life, yet most people remember and reference his success rather than his failures.

So, how do you go about getting past your fears, failings and step into a learning zone towards your growth trajectory with Personal Strategy? What does your Future look like?

What’s the definition of your ideal future of a space where you are happy, successful and achieving results on your dreams?

Is it possible to achieve an equilibrium of happy and successful?

What’s your level of dedicated time and commitment to achieving these goals?

Most of us want this but when it’s time to roll up sleeves we have excuses, procrastinate and in general novelty of our own dreams actually wears off until the next time someone asks us:

What’s your ideal world, what’s your purpose? are you being deliberate about what Legacy you are building?

The thing is, anything you dream of achieving and desire to fulfil as part of your journey and purpose requires effort and work.

Creating a Personal Strategy

What sounds simple, as most of you already know, isn’t always so simple. However, if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and make the sacrifices, here are some recommendations for you to consider as you unlock your journey towards your growth zone.

Celebrate you and your big dreams!

Don’t invite others’ perceptions of limitations of a dream influence how big your dreams are. Don’t let your fears of not being able to achieve these dreams creep into your thoughts or your Personal Strategy.

Start by writing them on your preferred tool, vision board, mobile notes, mind map, diary! We act on what we see. It’s the only way we begin to map a plan of how we will achieve these dreams.

Create your personal strategy plan.

It’s one thing to dream but if that should become anything in reality you need a plan. Dreams with no plans are wishing wells.

Where are you at and what will it take to get to where you want to get to?
How will you track your success of each step you make?
How long will it take and what’s your motivation to keep at it every chance you get?
How will you hold yourself accountable for making sure you deliver on your set goals?
Spend time to explore all these questions and figure out how to address each question as that gets you a step closer to your dreams. This will not be an overnight activity.

When goals are new, they are shiny and exciting but soon lose allure. Creating your desired Personal Strategy requires time, focus and commitment. You need to find creative ways of effectively managing your world and time. Make small adjustments to include time to visit your plan and set short term daily, weekly and monthly goals.

Before you know, this will be second nature and you would have created a rhythm and process to working towards your Personal Strategy.

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