Toss Your Microwave

Why You Should Toss Your Microwave

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Author:  Laila Ali

While microwave ovens were created for convenience here is Why You Should Toss Your Microwave, the dangers and negative effects you are about to read just may make you want to stop using it altogether.


As more research has been done, studies have shown that not only the microwave itself can cause danger to your health, but the food you eat after being heated up by a microwave can also be bad for you. These are some top reasons why you should avoid that microwave, no matter how easy it makes cooking a meal.


Electromagnetic Radiation
Microwaves produce electromagnetic radiation that can cause massive biological damage. When a microwave is in use, very harmful free radicals are created. These free radicals destroy nuclear DNA, membranes and proteins that can lead to chronic disease. So, every time you turn on that microwave, you are exposing yourself to radiation that can ultimately cause biological damage.


Exposes You to Toxins
Microwaving your food could expose you to carcinogenic toxins released from plastic or paper wrappers that your meal may be held in. When plastic is heated, toxic chemicals like BPA and phthalates can be released from the containers or covers, contaminating your food. Leakage of many toxic chemicals have been reported from the packaging of common microwavable foods such as TV dinners and popcorn. If you absolutely must use the microwave, it is suggested to transfer your food onto a microwaveable plate that does not contain any plastic material.

Why You Should Toss Your Microwave

Destroys Food’s Nutrients
Heating food, no matter if it is frozen or fresh, damages its nutritional value. Studies have shown that food that has been heated in the microwave can lose up to 97% of its beneficial elements such as antioxidants. If you are heating up something healthy, then opt for steaming it in a pot or popping it in the oven. Why lose out on your food’s nutritional value just for the ease of cooking?


Bacteria Still Remains
One reason that people may use their microwave is to get rid of any lingering bacteria that may be attached to the food or containers they come in. Studies have shown that microwaves have shown no protection against illnesses caused by bacteria. Conventional ovens or skillets are a much more proper and effective way to kill off bacteria in food.


Affects Your Heart
Studies have shown that the microwave frequency radiation can affect the heart at non-thermal levels that are well below the federal safety guidelines. Many people have acknowledged that they experienced heart palpitations in certain environments such as by the microwave or even Wi-Fi routers and cell phones. In the end, our skin and bones cannot protect our hearts from the radiation that exudes from the microwave, so if you must use the microwave, step far away while it is in use.

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