Bob Skinstad | Powerful Rugby Legend

About:  Bob Skinstad | Powerful Rugby Legend

Bob Skinstad is The former International Springbok Rugby Captain with 42 caps, is today a Business Entrepreneur, Executive Director and Broadcaster. He has positively translated the values and skills from a successful career in sport, to that of a respected authority and consultant for corporates and sports teams on leadership, innovation, growth and culture.

With a career in corporate that sees him leading the change management and turn-around of entities, he remains focussed on the personal and organisational development space. As the CEO and director of a number of companies in South Africa, Bob Skinstad works in the arena he loves – innovative high growth business; underpinned by a network and professional relationships that span the globe.

Bob Skinstad | Powerful Rugby Legend

Bob continues to enjoy his role as senior broadcaster at SuperSport and is highly active throughout the year commentating both nationally and abroad.
International speaking ranks high and with over 250 corporate talks in 25 different countries, Bob continues to be in demand as a Key Note/Motivational Speaker. Bob Skinstad shares a particular passion inspiring the business arena, sporting fraternity and educational institutions on incorporating strategic thinking with core elements.
He is the Chairman of the Rugby Business Network in SA and hosts numerous business events around the country with fellow sporting legends.  He is the Tourism Ambassador for the majestic Overstrand Region which boasts the best managed municipality in SA.

Hooligans & Gentlemen on a Journey to the Rugby World Cup – A Tongue-In-Cheek Talk on the Little Known History of Rugby by Bob Skinstad

“Rugby is a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen”
Winston Churchill

Was William Web Ellis really the first to run with the oval-shaped ball? What was touted as the first ever Rugby World Championship? Where does the tradition of awarding rugby caps come from and why did it take so long for the game to become professional?

What was it like to be a Lion on tour to New Zealand in 1971 or South Africa in 1974? And what does it mean to win a Rugby World Cup?

Sparked by his enthusiasm and curiosity to better understand the history of the game that he so dearly loves, ex-Springbok Captain Bob Skinstad has spent the better part of the year researching the story of rugby – not too easy for a battle hardened loose forward to do, mind you!

What he found in the half gaps was an untold rugby heritage; of hooligans and heroes, of epic rugby battles fought and friendships forged, as the game grew across the globe. 

Bob wants to share his journey with you. A journey that starts on the school fields of rugby and now leads to the hallowed grounds of Twickenham, home to the 2015 Rugby World Cup Final.

This is not just a talk for rugby lovers. This is a talk for anyone who is interested in the endeavours of the human spirit as we find ways to tackle our shared humanity through our desire to compete on level playing fields. And win.

This is not your average speech with some off-the-cuff predictions about who to watch out for at RWC15. That would be boring. This is a thrilling, well-crafted narrative that will audiences (corporates and sports enthusiasts) on the edge of their seats as they travel with Bob the hooligan and Bob the gentleman on a real rugby journey.

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