We used to say it’s “not what you know, but who you know”. These days the emphasis is becoming more and more about who knows you.

So how are you leveraging LinkedIn to position yourself as the person that people need to know for your particular competence and expertise?

Are you on LinkedIn and struggling to grasp how to use it to help you:

  • position yourself as an expert that people need to know?
  • land the ideal job that you have been after for months?
  • build a business that attracts your ideal customers?
  • It may just be that like many people, you see it as a social media platform that is an endless waste of your time, or a place that should merely be a repository for your CV.

LinkedIn has become one of my favorite social media platforms, and an important component of my business strategy, says Briony Liber. Use Briony’s 22 lesson, online course on how to Leverage LinkedIn – VIEW HERE