Caroline Dowd-Higgins

Caroline Dowd-Higgins | Development Expert

  • Bloomington, IN

About:  Caroline Dowd-Higgins | Development Expert

Caroline Dowd-Higgins is a sought after public speaker, a best-selling author, an executive coach, and international media personality. Her books, podcasts, videos and blogs are read by millions of working women and men.

A celebrated keynoter and National Speakers Association member, Caroline speaks annually to live audiences of more than 50,000 attendees about how to increase professional influence, magnify impact, and design a career in which they can thrive. From the board room to the training room to the convention hall, she connects with her audience in a way that leaves each person feeling as if they are the only one in the room.

Caroline’s greatest joy is to help a woman own her self-confidence, so she can literally walk taller and embrace her untapped potential. She is grateful for the resource team of her Personal Board of Directors and wants to show others how to assemble their professional posse. Caroline Dowd-Higgins knows now that asking for help is a sign of strength and wants to share that message globally. The inner shift that happens when a woman gives herself permission to define success on her own terms is transformative and to help women achieve that sense of empowerment.

Caroline Dowd-Higgins | Development Expert

The lessons Caroline Dowd-Higgins has learnt about failing forward, talking a risk, and dreaming BIG are messages she will share with you. Caroline truly believes you can shift your focus from the way things are to the way you want things to be. She strives to live this philosophy every day with small and incremental baby steps leading towards my goals.




    • Executive Presence And Professional Poise

    • Leadership Lessons

    • This Is Not The Career I Ordered: Career Reinvention

    • Thrive Where You Are

    • Play To Your Strengths For Authentic Engagement

    • Coaching For Success

    • Professional Etiquette – What Emily Post Never Told You

    • Succeeding In A Multi-Generational Workplace

    • Tell Your Story With Professional Brand

    • Communicate More Effectively At Work

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