Lesson: What to expect from this module
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Whether you signed up for Building my Career Brand (this module) as a standalone module or as part of the CEO of My Career course bundle, I know that by the time you complete this module you will have a greater sense of:


  • clarity on your brand – who you are at your core and what you want to be known for,
  • how to communicate your brand in your behaviours on and off social media,
  • actions you could take to align your brand more closely to what you want to be known for, things to think about for the future!

In this module


This module is broken down into four parts and some bonus content:


  • Part 1: What is a brand?
  • Part 2: Elements of a brand
  • Part 3: Understanding the brand I am portraying
  • Part 4: Communicating my brand
  • Bonus content: Is there a missing element?


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