Management Fundamentals: Tools and Techniques for New Managers

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Management Fundamentals is geared towards New Managers who have just been promoted from a non-managerial role to one where they have to manage others.


Management Fundamentals course is geared towards New Managers who has just been promoted from a non-managerial  (technical specialist) role to one where they have to manage others. However, it can also be used as a preparation for when they do get that managerial role i.e. aspiring managers, as well as by current managers to brush up on some skills that might have become a little rusty! It provides the tools and techniques necessary to the transition from a manager of self to a manager of others.

Amongst the key topics covered, it explores the mind set shift and change in focus needed, managing the perceptions and changes in relationships, common managerial styles and how to use them to manage effectively, the complexity of team dynamics and creating the right culture for your team.

Organizations tend to promote people into managerial roles without setting them up for success by ensuring that they have the skills required to make this fundamental shift. A dangerous assumption is made which can result in a very difficult and demotivating few months for both the new manager and the team, …or even worse, a high performer can end up being promoted into incompetence. The end result can be a lack of motivation, a loss of confidence, non-delivery, performance management and potentially the exit of a previously high performing employee.

I use examples and practical experience gained from my 25 years of being a Human Resources Director and Human Capital Specialist to illustrate the points covered.

This course will give you the tools, steps and techniques that you will need to set yourself up for success!


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What Will I Learn?

  • How to transition from being an individual contributor to a manager of people
  • How to manage perceptions and relationships
  • How to address relationship shifts: managing friends, peers and stakeholders
  • Team dynamics
  • The fundamentals of management
  • How to define your management style and be a great manager
  • Creating a compelling vision and team culture

Topics for this course

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Mindset Shift00:06:35

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Class Project

About the instructor

Tani is based in Cape Town, South Africa. She is a seasoned HR Advisor with a career spanning over 20 years in mining, exploration, online marketing and financial services. She provides an HR advisory service that covers the full spectrum of the human resource lifecycle and creates environments that balance legal requirements, business functionality and company culture. She holds Bachelor of Arts, Honours Social Science and Master’s in Commerce (Industrial Relations – Cum Laude) Degrees from the then University of Natal in Durban, South Africa. She also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management. Tani successfully combines a sound theoretical background with solid practical experience and specializes in leadership and management development and in the building of key leadership skills required to flourish in today’s working world. Tani works with both individuals and teams to create alignment towards organisational goals and strategic vision. Her fields of specialization include: • Human Capital Consulting • Policy Formulation • Team Building • Leadership and Management Development • Career Development & Progression • Conflict Management and Mediation • Coaching - Executive, Business and Life • Workshop Facilitation • Organisational Restructuring • Creating Strong, Business Focused Teams • The Future of Work As CEO and Owner of Human Capital Matters (HCM), an HR consulting firm based in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, she specialises in end-to-end human resources consulting and solutions tailor made towards customer specific needs. She recently launched the HCM Academy, the learning arm of her business. The academy is the vehicle by which she transfers her years of experience, passion, real life examples of both triumph and failure into developing leadership talent. She is a content developer and instructor on the Udemy portal and develops and presents digital courses and webinars.
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Material Includes

  • 4 Scenarios - Identifying Your Particular Style (Common Management Styles section).
  • Class Project - A set of exercises geared towards you developing your own management philosophy.


  • The course is suitable for people with no prior management experience

Target Audience

  • First time managers
  • Individuals aspiring towards a career in management
  • Individuals who have been promoted to a management role
  • Current managers wishing to refresh their way of thinking or learn new ways of approaching management and leadership