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Your career is your business! You are the CEO of the business called You (Pty) Ltd. By signing up for this module you have taken a step closer to managing your career like a business! You have taken one step towards adopting a CEO mindset about your career. This module provides an overview of all the other modules that make up the CEO of My Career Course (Bundle of 10 modules). In this module In this module you will find three core lectures: Understanding the concept of a value chain which offers my perspective on defining a career value chain (borrowing heavily from Michael E. Porter's concept of a business value chain), My career value chain which contains 9 sections that explore the relevant links in the career value chain Your career story which provides you with a template to help you define the story that you want to tell about your career one day.

Understanding the Concept of a Value Chain

Cultivating My Competence

Leading Myself

Delivering Without Derailing

My Career Value Chain

Building My Brand

Exploring the Language of My Listeners

Clarifying My CEO Mindset

Investing in My Self Care

Appointing My Board of Directors

Take action: What’s your career story going to be?

Wrap up

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