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Everyone wants Success Principles but is it for everyone? Experts will say that anyone can be successful at anything they want only if they put their mind to it.


Everyone wants Success Principles but is it for everyone?

Experts will tell you that anyone can be successful at anything they want only if they put their mind to it. But is that how success works? Is it really that simple?

Not exactly!

If anything, success comes at a cost. Most people never become successful because they’re not willing to pay the price of success. It’s a choice they have to make where they have to step out of the box, make some changes to their existing lifestyle, drop old habits and pick up new ones and invest effort, attitude and morale to keep things going.

But if you’re willing to learn and transform yourself in all the right areas, then success is definitely for you. So to find out how you can do that, let’s get reading.

Topics covered:

  • The 10 golden rules to achieve massive level of success
  • How to conquer your fear and push through all difficulties
  • Why your choice of word is so important
  • Types of beliefs you must implement in your life
  • Strategies to stay driven towards the ‘big picture’
  • Daily hacks to instils good habits
  • Why you should always live in the moment
  • How to deal with setbacks
  • Strategies to attract positive peer groups
  • With this rules you can:
  • Become the best version of yourself
  • Make better decisions and stay true to their life purpose
  • Achieve the impossible and never leave any goal unchecked
  • Unleash their fullest potential and live beyond their current state
  • Learn the skills of peak performers and replicate their victory
  • Find out how to easily back from any setbacks 10X stronger
  • Attract limitless wealth, health and opportunities into their lives
  • Improve in every areas in their lives and stay away from the trap of self-sabotage

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What Will I Learn?

  • 10 Key Principles practiced by the world’s Peak Performers to dominate their lives personally and professionally.
  • You will learn how you can easily apply these success principles to multiple your success!

Topics for this course

35 Lessons

Chapter 1: Set Big Goals?

If you’re going to set yourself up for success in life, then you need to set some mighty meaningful goals for yourself. So as a starting point, the first and foremost thing to remember on the journey of personal success is a positive attitude towards everything. If you fail once, brush up your knees and get back out there. If you get rejected the first time, better yourself with a positive outlook, prove yourself instead of bringing yourself down with negativity. Tell yourself through every obstacle and hardship, 'I did not come this far, to ONLY come this far'. No success is achieved overnight, no mountain is climbed without a few falls or two. If others can put up a fight to achieve personal success despite countless hardships, so can you.
Better To Aim High And Miss, Than To Aim Low And Achieve
Set Purpose Driven Goals
Give Yourself A Timeframe To Work With

Chapter 2: Make Real Decisions?

Everyone has to make decisions in their daily life. While some of them are small, others are big and have a profound impact on your life. So, it’s very important to evaluate all aspects of an issue before coming to a decision. There are a few things that, if considered, can help you make good decisions that you won’t regret later in life.

Chapter 3: Consistency is Key?

Consistency is the magic ingredient for success, be it personal betterment, business, academics or just the relationships with loved ones. Without consistency and the will to stay steadfast in what you are trying to achieve, only failure awaits. A child can never tie his shoelaces the very first try, he will only succeed when he tries again over and over till he finally figures it out the hundredth time. The same goes to adults, do you think anyone can play the piano flawlessly on their first attempt? The important thing is not to do it once, but to do it over and over again. To never stop until you achieve total mastery.

Chapter 4: Nothing is Impossible?

Everyone says that nothing is impossible. But do they actually believe it? If you really want everything to be possible, you have to start believing it. You’d be surprised by the power that belief has in life. You can make everything possible if you condition your mind to think so.

Chapter 5: Be Accountable?

There comes a certain time in your life when you realize that now you are accountable for everything you do. The idea is quite daunting as accountability is needed in all spheres of life.

Chapter 6: Live in the Moment?

Living in the moment means to be fully aware and mindful of the present moment. It may involve some effort on your part as it means not dwelling unnecessarily on the past, or being overly anxious about the future. To live in the moment is to seize the moment you are in, living it to the fullest, experiencing it without letting the past or the future distract you. In fact, living in the moment means acknowledging that “someday” will never come. If anything, it’s already here. It’s right now, so don’t put off your goals just because it’s not the right time, or you lack of funds. You can still work for your goals despite these setbacks. The time may never be right unless you’re prepared for it. So prepare right now. This presents the entire idea of living in the now, and not just 'living' it, but realizing the importance of it, giving it the emotions and thought that it rightfully demands. Focusing on what you have now, focusing on the task at hand now, and focusing on all that you can thank today for.

Chapter 7: Be Adventurous?

Being adventurous is to experience something different from the norm, something exciting and maybe even risky. For every individual, the meaning of the word 'adventure' differs greatly. For some it may just be staying up late and out past the curfew, and for others it could be skydiving, climbing Mount Everest, learn scuba- diving, etc. Everyone has different kinds of meaning attached to the word ‘Adventurous’. Being adventurous and challenging yourself is what shapes your character and forms new memories, which makes this life worthwhile. Without adventure the daily grind of life slowly strips away excitement and experiences that are important for the growth of a person. Adventures contribute in keeping relationships from getting dull.

Chapter 8: Words of Success?

Words and language are unique to human beings only. They’re like superpower which you can either use for the good or the bad. Unfortunately, people don’t often realise the impact words can have. Whether it’s the expression of love, the instructions on a manual or the speech of a captain just before a game, the words we use can change the outlook on everything. In fact, words probably linger longer in our memories than actual faces or whole events. So it’s wise not to underestimate what words can do for yourself and for others.

Chapter 9: Be a Lifelong Learner?

Learning is not limited to how many school and college years you’ve had. Instead, it’s a constant, ongoing process of evolution. One that involves acknowledging that you don’t know everything. It’s an important factor in shaping your personality, introducing new concepts and ideas to you and helping you educate yourself without any limitations. The worst thing you could do to yourself is insist that you already know everything. But choosing to evolve isn’t always easy. Evolving means mastering success by continuously becoming a better version of your current self. It also implies that you’re humble enough to accept correction and improvement.

Chapter 10: There’s No Such Thing as Failure?

In life, you are bound to go through some ups and downs. A strong individual is someone who manages to pull through anything and everything. In order to win in life, you must understand that there is no such thing as failure.

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Bronwyn was also the first South African Bureau-owner to belong to the International Association of Speaker Bureaus, represented in twelve countries across the globe by its 109 members. In line with her vision of helping to create and maintain an industry that is honourable, ethical and professional, Bronwyn also sat on the committee of the Northern Territories branch of SAACI (the South African Association for the Conference Industry). She has spent all of her career as owner of Speakers Inc pro-actively, aggressively, passionately and creatively marketing speakers she believes in, steadfastly building her business on the four pillars of Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty and Trust. She considers herself very blessed to work with people who inspire and motivate her on a daily basis, and to be in the position of facilitating the healing and empowerment of those audience members who need it, by those speakers who can do just that. 2015 saw Bronwyn nominated for the Regional Business Achiever’s Award by the Businesswoman’s Association in the Entrepreneur category, in which she was a finalist; she rekindled her affiliation with the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa, sitting on their board in Cape Town; incorporated a branch of Speakers Inc in California, USA and became the official City Organiser for PechaKucha Nights in Johannesburg.
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