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About Course

Why I Created This Course

Writing for high profile publications can transform your business. It certainly has for mine.

In 2010, I started blogging for the Harvard Business Review. One of my first posts for them (“How to Reinvent Your Personal Brand“) became popular, and they asked if I’d be willing to expand it into a piece for the Harvard Business Review magazine.

Within a week of its publication, three different literary agents approached me and asked if I had considered turning it into a book proposal.

That became my first book, Reinventing You, which was published in 2013 by HBR Press.

I’ve written more than 185 blogs or articles for the Harvard Business Review, 250+ for Forbes, and have been a regular contributor to Entrepreneur magazine, among many others.

My work has also been featured in Fast Company, Inc., Business Insider, the World Economic Forum blog, and more.

And it’s not just me.

Every technique I’ve used is replicable and repeatable, and you can use them to grow your own business.

I feel passionately about helping talented professionals get their voices heard in a crowded and noisy marketplace.

With the advice I’ve shared, I’ve helped many private coaching clients and members of my Recognized Expert community break into major publications such as the Harvard Business Review, Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur, and more.

Getting published in these outlets is often a complicated, opaque process.

But it’s one that I’ve spent the past decade figuring out.

In this course, I’m excited to share those secrets so talented professionals around the world can learn exactly how to break into these elite publications – and transform their business and career in the process.



What Does the Course Cover?


Since 2009, I’ve taught myself – through trial and error – how to consistently create content that’s sought out by prominent publications. In this online course, I’ll be teaching you everything that it took me a decade to fumble through and learn. My goal is to save you years of missteps, and give you the tools to approach major publications with confidence and extremely high quality pitches and sample posts. As a result, it will be far faster and easier for you to get your best ideas heard.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Develop unique and compelling article ideas that will appeal to prominent publications
  • Identify - and avoid - common editorial missteps that sink most pitches
  • How to align your writing with each publication's "house style," so that it instinctively feels like a fit to them
  • Write quickly and confidently, even if it's been onerous in the past
  • Create a 'ladder strategy' that enables you to approach top media outlets with credibility
  • Leverage your network to get 'warm leads' and introductions to editors

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