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As a global executive coach, Dr David Clive Price is passionate about leadership and management development, talent and engagement and brings 30+ years of experience of senior leadership coaching, strategic advisory and change management roles to his delivery of global leadership programs.

Building on his own learning as chief Asia speechwriter and cultural integration specialist for HSBC, David has coached and advised leadership teams for many global organizations including AIA, Standard Chartered, Credit Suisse, Santander, Julius Baer and Morgan Stanley as well as political and trade leaders.

Speaking English, French, German, Italian and Cantonese, and having lived and worked in numerous countries, Dr David Clive Price multicultural experience informs all his executive coaching, as well as his bestselling book Bamboo Strong with Foreword by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith. 

He is a visiting lecturer on global leadership at the University of Greenwich Business School, holds a Ph.D. in Renaissance History from Cambridge University, and often appears in the media, including BBC Radio, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, and International Business Times. His multicultural and lively keynotes have inspired audiences from Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore, to the United Kingdom and the United States.

Dr David Clive Price is the author of four books on international business and leadership, including the Amazon bestsellers Bamboo Strong: Cultural Intelligence Secrets To Succeed In The New Global Economy (2016) The Master Key to Asia (2013) and The Master Key to China (2014). His new book, The Age of Pluralism: Global Intelligence for Emerging Leaders, appears in January 2019.


Dr David Clive Price



In this powerful and engaging presentation, David reveals how the leaders of the future need a global leadership toolkit – for increasing teamwork and innovation, and for leveraging diversity of generations, backgrounds and cultures.

Based on years of research in 72 countries across the world, The Age of Pluralism toolkit includes the Bamboo Strong™ CQ Model, Global DISC™ and Intelligent Leadership™ Executive Coaching. Dr David Clive Price shows exactly how these world-leading tools are helping leading companies and Fortune 500s to achieve outstanding results by strengthening their leadership bench, their global mindset and their pipeline of next generation leaders.


Discover how to employ a ‘bamboo mindset’ to consistently grow market share in global markets. This presentation is based on David’s most recent book Bamboo Strong: Secrets to Succeed in the New Global Economy and offers a proven system and creative solutions to harmonize global business cultures. In this entertaining and interactive presentation, Dr David Clive Price reveals how best to develop a ‘bamboo mindset’ to maximize your efficiency and productivity, target brands and products to local cultures, build trusting relationships and drive sustained revenue growth in global markets – whether in East or West.


Today’s new generation of business people and leaders require increasing resilience and flexibility to navigate and respond to the challenges of a rapidly changing and volatile world. Middle managers and senior executives alike have to cooperate and communicate well with international teams.

They have to handle fast-evolving relationships at all levels, and often in many departments and regions, without becoming stressed, disengaged or confused. But how does an organization or individual develop the leadership and team skills needed? In this interactive presentation, Dr David Clive Price reveals the global management skills you must foster to successfully lead your organizations.

He then goes further and provides a clear, practical system for helping you to increase your profits in international markets.

“ Bamboo Strong is about the most important problems arising today in the global economy, and it proposes strategies companies can implement now for a more fruitful tomorrow!” ~ Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

“If you want to succeed in the global marketplace, and to lead more collaborative, high performing teams at home and overseas, The Age of Pluralism is right for you.” ~ John Mattone, #1 Executive Coach in the World and Coach to Steve Jobs

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