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Eddie Botes is an international speaker and facilitator dedicated to helping Leaders create a focused, adaptive organizational culture.


For the last two decades, Eddie has been fascinated with how two seemingly identical companies can achieve such dramatically different results. He has worked in 11 different countries, helping Leaders to differentiate their business in a commoditized world.


He is the founder of Leadershift, an organization focused on Leadership and Organizational culture.


Eddie Botes new book, “Cult-like culture” will be released in the first quarter of 2020. The book is a fascinating look at how the world’s best organizations intentionally create an organizational culture that keeps them vital, relevant and innovative in a world where yesterday’s successes mean next to nothing.



Eddie is a Past President of the Cape Town chapter of The Professional Speakers association of Southern Africa. He has worked extensively in Botswana, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia and South Africa.




Some of the organizations he has worked with include BMW, Renault, Nissan, Madison Life, NICO Life, Santam, Sanlam, NICO asset managers, NICO Pensions, NICO Technologies, DUT, EcoBank, Standard Bank, United Bank of Africa, Liquid Telecom, Network configurations, Mass discounters, ZESCO and TSOGO Sun amongst others.


Eddie Botes | Authentic Corporate Culture


As a motivational speaker and facilitator, Eddie Botes has worked extensively in Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique, Botswana, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa for organizations like:


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Keynote Topics

Topic 1: Leading in a VUCA world

In a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world, business is in a constant state of flux. It’s important that leaders and organisations today can change, flex and adapt to the VUCA world around them to succeed.


The increasingly speedy, rocky and complicated landscape in which we operate, one with the new challenges of changing workplace demographics, globalisation and disruptive technology, leave more unknowns than ever before and moves at continued pace, changing the playing field altogether. Every organisation is confronted with persistent, recurring problems.


They often fall back on obvious solutions such as applying new technologies, recruiting experts or improving communication processes. In most cases with Eddie Botes, this is done in a hierarchical way with the top layer of management being responsible for finding the right solutions.


An adaptive challenge allows problems to be identified more accurately and involves the entire organisation in the search for possible solutions.


Adaptive Leadership from Eddie Botes can help when there are no easy solutions available.


It’s a critical skill for anyone looking for systematic changes in an increasingly complex world. Adaptive leaders learn to control the context through experiments.


They cultivate a diversity of viewpoints to generate many options. They lead with empathy, reward their employees’ performance with autonomy and independence and find winning solutions for all stakeholders.


Leaders today require a new set of adaptive competencies to thrive in the 2020’s.


Title 2: Cult-Like culture – It’s not what you do, It’s how you do it

How do some companies manage to compete and thrive year after year in a commoditized environment? It’s not because of what they offer, but  rather because of how they offer it.


It’s how their people work together, how they treat their customers, how they interact with suppliers and the personal standards of excellence people set for themselves that set them apart.


If you want to be in the game, quality products or services and competitive pricing are the minimum requirement to compete. These are relatively easy to copy. The real sustainable differentiation will always be behavioural.


Of course, in today’s rapidly changing world where businesses are being disrupted by many different factors Eddie Botes believes we should always be experimenting and innovating, finding better ways to improve our products and services.


It’s just that we need to be absolutely clear that these actions are merely minimum requirements to be in the game.


Research shows that those organizations that intentionally created a strong culture of adaptation to a changing world are associated with strong financial results.


Organizations that placed a high value on employees, customers and shareholders and intentionally created a culture of Leadership from everyone in the organisation experienced revenue growth of 682% compared to those who did not.


Even more staggering is that those who adopted this kind of culture experienced a stock market growth of 901% compared to a 74% growth in those that did not.


In this Eddie Botes presentation we look at what you can start to do to gain a competitive advantage

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