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Exponential Potential By: Dean Furman

21 April - 30 June


“Exponential Potential” is an internationally accredited CPD course.

This course investigates how important it is to have the right mindset and toolset to move forward in the future world of business. Exponential Potential is a comprehensive guide to growing your business.

This Exponential Potential course discusses the fact that we live in an exponentially changing world and organisations need to keep pace with the latest trends to stay ahead. Top companies are growing more rapidly than ever. Other businesses are vanishing quicker than ever before. If you do not have the correct state of mind as well as toolset, your company will soon be destined for this history books.

Dean says, “top companies are growing faster than ever, and companies are disappearing faster than ever.“

He firmly believes that business leaders today need to set themselves up to succeed and that the Future Self Academy book course of Exponential Potential teaches an individual how to innovate and think outside the box going into the future.

Focusing on this topic, this course thoroughly reveals the ideas on how your business can stay the course that Dean details in his book. The book, which this course is based on, encourages people to challenge the status quo and the way tasks are being accomplished in the world of business. Dean covers almost every element of growing a company and gives you the tools to ensure that you disrupt before being disrupted.

What you’ll learn

  • How you can change the way that you work
  • What are the key characteristics of disruptive innovators
  • Why strong self-belief is essential
  • What characterises exponential organisations
  • Find out why purpose-powered ideas are more likely to succeed
  • Why you need to question everything
  • Why you need to avoid founder bias
  • Why a 50-page business plan is no longer necessary
  • Why you must not underestimate the importance of timing
  • How to know where to pivot
  • How to maximise your content reach
  • How to supercharge your sales team
  • How to use AI to enhance your marketing efforts
  • How to do competitor research
  • Why you should never stop learning

This course includes

  • Complete book content
  • Accredited CPD certificate
  • 25 Author video lectures
  • 25 Modules
  • 269 Lessons
  • 25 Quizzes
  • Progress tracking
  • Author signed certificate
  • 12 CPD Points


21 April
30 June
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Futureself Academy
South Africa