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Business Innovation & NLP Practitioner Training

Wendy Mahoney - Online Course

”NETFLIX did not kill Blockbuster. Ridiculous late fees did. UBER did not kill the tax business. Limited access and fare control did. APPLE did not kill the music industry. Being […]




Are you an up and coming Salesperson ready to take on the role of managing a team OR a seasoned Sales Manager in need of some fresh insight, direction and […]


Mission CX

Online Course

Mission CX: unique, monthly content on customer experience (CX). With top international speakers and moderators, and where you can be part of the conversation with live Q&A!  As a customer, […]


Presentation Mastery – Online Course

Sterling Hawkins Denver

Creating something new or growing A business that already exists requires those around you to buy into your vision. Learn exactly how to do that through crafting your message, Creating […]

Brave to Change

Ever wondered how you can know what you need to do but still can't do it on a regular basis? Whether it's your health, your work, your relationships or your […]


My promise: oozing valuable content

Leigh Joy - Online

To commit to that promise herewith is a link to my NEW YouTube channel: The Self-Care Diaries: In this episode I speak to Shukri Toefy about the power of journaling.  […]