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  • Cape Town, South Africa


The challenge is under the guidance of Chef David Grier. The group will be divided into teams of 3 and the challenge is to be able to master the art of cooking in your small unit, but ultimately to master the art of working as one big cohesive team and get the food out as one when the restaurant opens in time for all to sit down together and enjoy the meal.
This is an interactive teambuilding cooking class where you are presented with a task that can only be accomplished with an interactive group as its based on timing, communication, creativity and loads of fun the cook-off takes about ONE hour.
The event can be held anywhere, no formal kitchen is needed, I supply all of the equipment there are a few items the client needs to arrange such as tables at the venue and table cloths.
The aim of the event is to in the space of ONE hour teach everyone to cook the dishes assigned to them Contestants then all eat each others food at a big banquet table once they have been honed into a team of chefs they strive to open the ONE. Restaurant on time.
You will endure all the pressures that restaurants experience on a daily basis during each mealtime – then instant gratification all in ONE hour.

Experience Highlights

  • 1 cooking station is set up for every 3 people. Each cooking station consists of the following: 1 big chef’s knife or vegetable knife, 2 small knives, 3 cutting board, 1 dish cloth, 3 dessert spoons, 1 tea spoon, 1 Cobb cooker, 1 casserole pan, 1 Griddle plate, 1 frying pan, 1 fork, Fuel – cobble stones
  • I have aprons and chef jackets that are embroided with the adventure Chef logo on it. I also have branded wooden chopping boards
  • With the ingredients where there is no unit of measure, we will make a communal ingredient table that everyone must share, like Flour, oil, butter mayonnaise salt , pepper, etc.

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