Frequently Asked Questions

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WeSpeak puts the power of speaking directly in the control of Speakers/MC’s/Entertainers and Trainers. 


You can now choose based on your event requirements or virtual needs. Search by category or by name. 


Find the right person at the touch of a button without endless “google” searches and book them directly. 


Now through virtual platforms WeSpeak gives you access to worldwide speakers for your event or workshops


Download the 2022 Talent Magazine for featured keynote speakers and conference emcee’s or facilitators.


This list is updated monthly!





  • Click on REGISTER if you are here for the first time or wish to create a user account.


  • If you already have a user account then click on SIGN IN tab in menu.


If you are on your MOBILE or CELL then click on the face icon on the top bar next to the cart and magnifying icons. 


Click on the magnifying glass to open search bar. Search by Name or specifically a “Tag” i.e. digital disruption, motivation, business strategy, futurist etc

Simply complete the Enquiry Form which is embedded in the calendar. click submit and this goes directly to the Speaker/Entertainer or Trainer.


Alternatively you can find direct contact details for all listings that are upgraded by the talent or such.


Examples are CALL ME, MAIL ME buttons and all their social contact details visible.



There is no charge to view anyone or make an enquiry.


WeSpeak puts you in direct contact with speakers. They charge performance fees but nothing to submit an enquiry or contact them.


The review section is social proof from either a corporate or event planner.


You can change the search results to show speakers with Top reviews or Latest speaker.


On completion of a booking then you will be asked to submit a review based on your experience of the speaker and a “star” rating. 


What are DinKEYnotes?


  • Short Video or PPT keynotes.
  • Video keynotes are ‘Short DinKEY notes” around 10-15 minutes long. These are recorded live by the Speaker on bespoke and specific topics for you to use during your virtual or live event. 
  • Easy to buy the DinKEYnote you require and instant access with password provided in purchase order with link to view.
  • Passwords are changed weekly by the talent or hosting platform used.
  • You can book the provider for a live Q&A session after the video
  • Please note this is not the Speakers KEYNOTE talk and if you require this after using the DinKEYnote then please book through their listing on WeSpeak.

Affiliate section on WeSpeak is available to anyone and once registration approved you will have access to your own Affiliate Area on WeSpeak.


Why register as an affiliate?


  1. Earn 35% back from all verified and confirmed referral  product purchases.
  2. View full statistics on visits and referrals from dashboard.
  3. Creatives – here we have created already populated HTML codes for you to use for your articles and blogs (from banners to word inserts).
  4. Create your own URL link to any page on WeSpeak and use code to create referrals.


For more information contact us at:

In this section you will find the following listings:


  • Event Planners
  • Speaker Bureaus
  • Global DMC’s


These companies are listed to provide you with all the assistance to create your perfect event either virtually or live and to ensure the WOW factor.


Speaker Bureaus can list their agencies and link their company logo to talent listed.


Contact them directly to arrange your event!

Here you can find conferencing venues locally and globally that will suit your requirements.


Contact them directly either through details provided or via their availability calendar to find out more information on their venue for your event.

These are upcoming live/virtual events listed by speakers which you can attend.


Events vary from Facebook/Instagram live videos, virtual performances or training courses available.

Allow “Notifications” on your phone or PC browser to receive a daily motivational quote from only those on WeSpeak.


In addition to a quote, WeSpeak will send notifications on new keynote talks, upcoming events, new speakers

At the top of the WeSpeak Global app,  click on the “half person icon” on IOS devices or on Android, click register.


Register your email address and check your mail (including SPAM folder) for a verification email.

Although we do not have an official list of topics that are not allowed, we ask our users to stay professional and inoffensive. Keep in mind that that WeSpeak is built to connect speakers with event organizers and a broad appeal will generally garner more speaking events.


We ask our users to practice professional discretion when deciding what topics and subjects to include on their profile.


Please do not include topics and subjects that:


  • Defame, libel, slander, impersonate, abuse, harass, threaten, invade privacy, or infringe the legal rights of another person.
  • Include photos or videos that contain excessive nudity or adult content.
  • Could be considered hate speech: directed at an individual or a group, and based on race, sex, creed, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • Promote illegal activity, inappropriate language or obscene and indecent profanity. Subjects that are generally considered indecent, obscene or pornographic: such as Nazi memorabilia, illegal drug use, or pornography.

Apart from a few very basic checks to make sure speakers meet our Terms of Use, (ie. to make sure that all profiles and content stays within the realm of legality,) we do not do any checks on the content, or the quality of the speakers.


We provide an array of tools on WeSpeak so that speakers can create rich profiles to showcase their speaking skills, subject matter expertise, testimonials, fees (if any) and more information so that organizers can properly vet them.


Event organizers, conference manager or schools can easily filter speakers, trainers and entertainers when searching, so they can safely decide who will be the best fit for their audience.

Creating a profile on WeSpeak is completely free. If you’d like to have extra services, such as promotional visibility, speaking opportunities, bio pdf’s, video and social media links and other premium services, you can choose to upgrade to a Silver package.


We charge a flat commission when an organizer books you on a free profile, and no commission or fees on a paid listing. Paid listings receive all inquiries directly.


It is free for organizers to search and connect with speakers, trainers and entertainers.


Basic (free) listing


A standard account is for anyone who wants to create and maintain a professional speaker profile online.


  • Build your professional speaker (trainer, moderator, entertainer and emcee) brand online.
  • Connect with organizations from around the world.
  • Appear in WeSpeak’s search listings.
  • Event organizers can book you via WeSpeak (30% commission fee).
  • Upload 4 photos to your profile page (128mb).


Silver Package

Our paid plans:

  • Silver – monthly
  • Silver – Yearly


These are for speakers, mc, entertainers, trainer or suppliers who would like to additionally promote their skills on WeSpeak Global , and get access to full membership areas for 1 fee!

We have access to over 35 000 organizers, event planners, global associations through our 3 databases.


In addition we market  directly to event planners through the MPI network and attend live industry events in the USA.


Further we submit articles and listings to publications across the USA that are of interest or unique to their readers.


In addition WeSpeak Global has over 6000 downloads on Google Play Store alone and we have mobile/desktop notifications sent weekly directly to end users. Currently over 2000 have registered for these notifications.


Our aim is to become their go-to resource to identify speakers, emcees, entertainers and trainers for their events.