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Built for iOS and Android.


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The world’s first and only dual platform to book and find the following globally instantly, and book directly.


Dual platform is accessible across all desktop browsers and across all 3 App Stores.


+ Many more categories.


In addition you can find:


We know after 25 years in this industry that Speakers want the following:

  1. More bookings.
  2. More potential enquiries.
  3. More Stage time.
  4. More Audience Engagements.

Now you are all fighting for google rankings or spending money on targeted google ads. You may probably have the “spray and pray” Bureau approach, the more you listed on the more chance you have. 

WeSpeak Global is the “new kid” on the block, with disruptive and innovative ideas to work with you.

We do not just offer a simple listing but all this and more:

  • access to submit articles,
  • on-demand videos, podcast channel,
  • multiple listings,
  • full online courses and we can link to existing courses so no need for extra work,
  • book store to YOUR books,
  • Shop for your Merchandise
  • Build your own community and groups
  • Marketing Mailers to 4 Continental databases
  • Push Notifications
  • Your full branded materials
  • Your social media links 
  • Your videos and testimonials
  • Your client reviews to keep you ranked higher


No other fees – YES, WeSpeak Global takes no fees from courses, on-demand videos, books, shop stores and NO commissions on silver (only commissions on cancelled, basic and essential packages of 10 – 35%).

Really, why would you not be on an innovative platform with all this to choose from and WE will do all the work for $9.95 per month?


Search by continent, then you can narrow your search by category or by tags within each listing.

On the booking pages you can click on fee ranges and find talent within your budget instantly.

Now you do not have to wade through endless pages on google or bing, skipping past all those adverts on the first 2 – 3 pages or pay additional Bureau | agency fees just for a name and in most cases limited accessible information provided.

Keep WeSpeak Global on your phone 365 days a year and at the touch of a button find any talent locally, nationally or globally.

Then contact them directly!!

No hidden fees, no 3rd party involvements, no hassle of endless forms to complete.

Find detailed profiles as created by the speakers and share the profiles immediately with your peers via SMS, WhatsApp and more. 

Are you a small business owner?


Are you just looking for a pick-me-up video to share with your sales and such teams?

These on-demand videos have been put together by expert speakers in their fields and now available instantly for you.

Keynote speakers can be extremely expensive for a small business owner, yet you need them more than any corporate who have the big budgets.

Buy an On-Demand videos and share instantly with your teams and staff. 

You can also order a live Q&A session for 30 minutes with the speaker who provides the video.

Stuck for motivation or need some guidance on how to manage staff through PR?

These are a couple of courses now available online to take immediately or in your own time.


Did you miss a notification?


These are sent out weekly directly to desktops and all mobile devices that allowed (currently of 4,500 allowed devices).


Direct to end user marketing, and this is GLOBAL.


Have your latest keynote, quote, motivational tip or be a showcased speaker and have this Push notification sent out for you.


Speakers write weekly articles that are submitted through WeSpeak Global and then top articles taken through to over 350 blog sites with a reach of over 15 million followers.


Have your article submitted to these relevant sites!


Can I upgrade my current subscription?

  • Yes, from your dashboard – my profiles tabe you can switch plan at any time.
  • We would always suggest you FIRST cancel existing subscription and then select a new one.


Can I cancel my subscription?

  • Yes, you can cancel at any time and your listing will be downgraded to a “Free” listing.

What then happens to how my listing is listed?

  • All reviews are immediately deleted
  • Limited features to listing
  • Access to listing restricted and controlled by WeSpeak team
  • 30% minimum commission will be charged on any booking received through the platform.