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Retired Navy SEAL Lieutenant Jason Redman electrifies audiences with his high-energy presentations on leadership, failure, redemption, catastrophic injury and his breathtaking journey to “overcome all” in the aftermath of wartime enemy ambush and in the face of what he calls life ambushes during the years that followed.

During his 21-year Navy career, Jason spent 11 years as an enlisted SEAL and 10 years as a SEAL officer leading teams in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today Jason Redman puts his vast experience and expertise to work as speaker, coach, author and trainer, helping individuals, teams and organizations of all types and sizes to define and implement lasting change, even in the wake or face of failure, crisis and adversity.

Jason Redman has lived through it all at the highest level in his Navy SEAL career: From failures as a young leader that resulted in him almost being kicked out of the SEAL teams, to redemption and leading teams in intense combat operations in Iraq, to being shot eight times, including a round to the face, and nearly dying during an enemy ambush, Jason has lived the OVERCOME Mindset he now teaches others.


Jason Redman has done an incredible job of taking these lessons learned and making them relatable to teams, businesses and organizations around the world. As Jason says, “These are not SEAL lessons, these are human lessons!” Your team will walk away with a new perspective and understanding that there are no bad days, only good days and great days.

They will understand how to build elite-performance teams comprising multi-dimensional leaders. Jason teaches individuals, companies and teams how to overcome failure, setbacks and catastrophic crisis through his incredible presentations on life ambushes and his proven “Get off the X” methodology to not only survive the crisis but thrive and launch from it!

For in-person, virtual and hybrid events, Jason Redman delivers riveting keynote presentations and is available for half-day and full-day workshops on leadership and implementing long-term change.

Jason Redman is the New York Times bestselling author of “The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader” and has appeared on multiple national news networks, including Fox News, CBS, CNN, and CBN. He has appeared almost a dozen times on Fox and Friends and the (Mike) Huckabee show.

Jason has been featured in multiple documentaries, including History channel’s Navy SEALs, America’s Secret Warriors, and as an actor he played the lead role in The Perfect Day film and a supporting character on an episode of Hawaii 5-0.

Jason Redman | High Performance


A Navy SEAL, entrepreneur, author, father and motivational speaker.

On September 13, 2007, while acting as Assault Force Commander on an operation to capture an Al Qaeda high-value individual, Lt. Redman’s assault team came under heavy machine gun and small arms fire, and he along with two other teammates were wounded in the ensuing firefight. Despite being shot twice in the arm and once in the face, as well as enduring multiple rounds to his helmet, night-vision goggles, body armor and weapon, Jason Redman fought valiantly with his team. They won the fight while ensuring that the entire team returned home alive.


In-Person and Virtual Motivational Keynote Topics

Jason Redman has seven key modules that cover all aspects of leadership, overcoming adversity, teamwork and peak performance. His motivational keynotes are perfect for anyone and everyone who strives to achieve personal and professional success, individuals and companies looking to define, redefine or clarify their mission, seek to improve efficiencies via goal setting, and desire to build more resilience.


Modular content can be customized to suit your specific audience, goals and objectives, and challenges and threats. Jason personally will hold a pre-event conference with key leadership to help your group maximize his content with targeted messaging.




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  • Leadership

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Keynote Topics

Topics include:



Get off X

REACT Methodology

LEARN to Lead and the 3 Rules of Leadership

Leadership Fence


The audience will leave with:


  • A clear understanding how to assess a crisis and develop a plan to move from it
  • Tools to quickly and effectively motivate and communicate to their teams to lead them to a point of success and confidence
  • Jason Redman REACT method to move through a change or point of adversity
  • Techniques to make stronger leaders and teams
  • Individual leadership balance

Topics include:






Destination & Course


Risk Assessment & Indicators


Overcome Mindset to Get off X




The audience will leave with: 

  • A plan for setting long- and short-term goals with a path to a clearly defined mission
  • Professional, personal and leadership situational awareness and risk-assessment tools
  • The ability to REACT and quickly Get off the X! (X being the point of attack, crisis or sticking point) when necessary and continue moving the needle in life

Topics include:




Live Greatly


Lead Always (3 Rules)


Love Deeply


Stay Humble


No Regrets



The audience will leave with:


  • Techniques to build a relentless, resilient mind – The Overcome Mindset
  • A clear understanding of how to manage stress through proven SEAL techniques
  • Tools to be a more effective, balanced leader increasing productivity in individuals and teams
  • How to have create a positive mindset in negative situations
  • A new perspective on how they view the world around them

Five Principles of Elite Performance


Topics include:




Perspective (“No Bad Days”)








Overcome and Get off the X



Will You Be Ready?


Topics include:






Get off X


REACT Methodology


Pentagon of Peak Performance



The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL


Topics include:




The story of Jason’s NY Times bestselling book The Trident


Jason Redman catastrophic injury and road to recovery


Jason, Erica (The Long Haired Admiral) and the Redman family’s journey




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