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Kelly Peeler | #1 Generational Speaker

  • New York City, NY

About:  Kelly Peeler | #1 Generational Speaker

Kelly Peeler is the Founder & CEO of NextGenVest a global community of students navigating key financial decisions.

NextGenVest a New York City based start-up that is helping a global community of students effectively manage their money to pursue their passions.


NextGenVest provides students with mobile education and student-based advice on key decisions around student loans, budgeting, investing, and employment.


Since its recent inception, NextGenVest has grown to help high school and college students in 15 states and 8 countries.

Kelly Peeler | Generational Speaker

Kelly Peeler is also serving in an advisory capacity to the non-profit she co-founded, Business Across Borders, which aims to spur economic growth in post war-zone economies, primarily Iraq.


To date, Kelly has spearheaded multiple business competitions and mentorship programs, brought Startup Weekend to the country, and also traveled to Iraq to structure partnerships.


Kelly Peeler is one of 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs named by Goldman Sachs, a White House #StartTheSpark Ambassador, and a TED Speaker.



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Keynote Topics

Topic 1: The Trust Void

The Future of Students & Money
Record high student loan burdens, elusive brand loyalty, and a need for customized banking approaches. What do the changing behaviors students have with money mean for the future of financial institutions?

Title 2: The New Mortgage: Student Loans

With the average American student owing $30,000+ in student loan debt, the financial concerns and goals for younger millennials is rapidly shifting. What does this mean for the positive and negative financial behaviors young people will develop in the next 10 years?

Title 3: Trends in User Customization

Trends in User Customization
Millennials require a new language and curation for their financial services. One that is mobile, in plain English, and speaks directly to them, not their parents. How does this change the messaging and customer service of financial institutions?

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