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Kgadi Mmanakana | #1 Employee Engagement

  • Johannesburg, SA

About:  Kgadi Mmanakana | #1 Employee Engagement

Kgadi Mmanakana work as a Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Author and Facilitator is focused on helping leaders and businesses gain Competitive Advantage through brave leadership and courageous culture to Make Innovation Happen, Navigate Disruption, Build Business Resilience and Enhance Employee Engagement and Morale.

We live in a fast changing world where industries rise and fall, the mighty falls and the startups rise up, society shifts and economies get quarantined.

Kgadi Mmanakana | Employee Engagement

Driven by the power of brave leadership and courageous culture, as a Competitive Advantage Strategist I merge that power with my design and systems thinking.

Kgadi Mmanakana pure passion to want to see people thriving and businesses staying in business to provide teams, executives and business leaders with an understanding of the current and future trends impacting businesses, markets, industries, consumer behaviour, employee dynamics, organisational culture, and the understanding of what adapting looks like, and then helping them to transition into a new way of thinking, being and doing.



    • Diversity and Inclusion is Good for Business

    • How to Make Innovation Happen in your team or organisation

    • The end of #ThankGodItsFriday : Work-Life balance that works

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  • Rate: $ 500 - 5,000

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