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Lillian Barnard brings wealth of professional insight and achievement from her extensive experience in the IT industry.

She has first-hand knowledge of corporate culture, stemming from holding many key positions during her 15 year career with IBM.

Lillian Barnard international exposure further enriched her business experience having worked for 7 years at the IBM European Headquarters in France and Switzerland.

An accomplished leader, Lillian has led many large Sales & Operations teams both locally and globally. Lillian possesses the unique ability to combine her leadership experience with strong interpersonal skills and insight to help organisations and teams achieve new levels of success.

Lillian’s successful track record has led to several esteemed awards. She was awarded the Quarterly Global GM Award for Excellent Execution, European Leadership Award, and a number of other acknowledgements for her achievements with the professional development of women.

Lillian is the founder and owner of Lillian Barnard Consulting Services (trading as LillianB) established in September 2011 and has a four year Commerce Degree.

Lillian Barnard | Technology Speaker

Lillian Barnard is centered on her passion for: the Advancement and Empowerment of Women, Leadership Development, and Skills Transfer to SME’s.

She is an advisor and partner to leaders and their teams; helping them provide solutions that facilitate transformation, create desired outcomes, whilst achieving tangible business results.

She aims to make a difference and to create a lasting impact in her clients’ organisations.

Society runs the risk of undermining their competitive potential by not fully capitalizing on one-half of their human resources.

As policy-makers and business leaders seek to address talent shortages, it is becoming increasingly urgent to close gender gaps and leverage the talents of both women and men.

Never before has there been such momentum around the issue of gender parity on the global stage.


More women are in employment than ever before, yet most companies are still not leveraging their talents. Meanwhile, pay equality does not exist.

Why is unequal representation of women still an issue in major companies?

Why is it that even when women are equally represented in the workforce, they aren’t paid equally?

Addressing this challenge will require a multi¬-stakeholder approach. Closing the gender gap provides a basis for a more prosperous and competitive society.

Leadership Development

Closing the gender gap provides a basis for a more prosperous and competitive society believes Lillian Barnard.

Leadership, with all its facets and complexities, is constantly being examined and defined.

With the challenging changes that today’s leaders face, the corporate understanding of leadership is critical to the success and health of countries and companies alike.

The most common definition of leadership is: “uniting a group of people to achieve a common goal”. Leadership is a choice; and is not necessarily given to those who merely hold formal “leadership” positions. In fact, anyone can be a leader!

Transfer Skills:

Unemployment in South Africa is a continuing and challenging problem, sitting at a staggering 40.7%.

This massive unemployment didn’t start with the recent global financial crisis. We have to recognise that our unemployment problem is structural in nature.

Therefore, the solutions to our unemployment problem have to be structural as well. Our economy needs a transformation so it can provide a more dynamic environment to do business, prioritise learning and skills development, and foster a high-achieving culture.

Government and business have to work hand in glove to devise ways to make South Africans economically active and a self-sustainable.

The government’s renewed focus on job creation is an acknowledgment that something has to be done immediately but we all can help make a difference by adding a little something to the equation.

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