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If your dream is to get on the TEDx stage, become a keynote speaker, host webinars, or nail a successful pitch, our Get Ready Speaker Masterclass is perfect for you. Led by an experienced TEDx speaker, Adam Markel and supported by an amazing team and a community of people just like you, experience Live Virtual Classes and an optional in-person Filming Session.

Our Get Ready Speaker Masterclass helps you:

  • Establish yourself as an expert in your niche
  • Overcome fear of public speaking and increase your confidence on stage
  • Get your message onto a virtual or live stage
  • Grow your business using virtual or in-person workshops
  • Get featured by media outlets and publications
  • Improve sales and engage clients through the power of storytelling
  • Secure keynote speech opportunities for high fees

Masterclass Includes:

8 Live Online Classes

Each class meets weekly for 90+ minutes. Between learning and practice, Adam and his team facilitate highly interactive sessions where you’ll get expert guidance and feedback.

2 Full Days of Live Online Training

12 total hours of intensive and highly interactive training with Adam, live on Zoom, complete with learning modules, breakout groups, practice and feedback sessions.

2x per Week Coaching Calls

1-hour drop-in sessions on Zoom, twice per week, where the coaching team is available to answer your questions and provide feedback.

Deliver Your Talk at a Live 2-Day Event

Participate in a 2-day program in San Diego. A full day of practice, followed by a TEDx-style event with a live audience.

Your Talk, Professionally Filmed

Your virtual 18-minutes TEDx-style talk will be professionally filmed, with post-production editing provided. Use your video for marketing and for TEDx applications.

Ongoing Accountability Support

A rotating accountability support structure with other action-oriented people to help you achieve your speaking goals.

Supportive Community

A loving community of like-minded, success-oriented people who will be on the journey with you and there to encourage you every step of the way.

Lifetime Access

With our student members area, you can refer to class recordings, worksheets and other resources again and again throughout your journey.

Our live virtual training includes you being filmed delivering your TEDx-style, high stakes talk online. You’ll learn the best practices for delivering an impactful virtual talk, including resources to ensure a quality at-home setup. Your talk will be professionally edited to produce a quality marketing video asset to help you land your next TEDx, keynote, or piece of business.

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