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Adrienne Verney background is based on a thirteen year amazing journey, in television, presenting shows and programmes, each filled with opportunities whilst with RTV/ZTV.

Further added to this was three years of freelance television in South Africa, affording her the opportunity in TV, Press and Radio coverage for four high profile special events in South Africa.

Taking this experience and using it in the political arena and corporate environment, was a natural progression to upskill politicians and management, to better represent their Party, company and brands, in a professional manner. And so the ‘Training’ side of Adrienne Verney Productions grew.

The methodology is experiential & holistic.  The first three courses are based on individual camera sessions.  Each course has a strong foundation of life skills indicating the amazing connectivity in many subjects and outcomes that ‘matter’.

Armed with ‘conscious awareness’ or ‘WOKE, and stepping up to ‘the plate with courage,’ and understanding of ‘responsibility and accountability’, we lay a deep foundation of new confidence, allowing each person attending the training to find their ‘voice’ to become a strong representative of themselves, their brands and company.

This awareness of ‘the authentic self’ is a predominant outcome and develops healthy pride and accomplishment, leading to success of individual values in important areas.

The content offered to clients has grown to seven established workshops and talks, all highly relevant to the challenging times we face.  AV Productions has the ability to delve into a ‘large basket of tools’ collated from over twenty years gained in experience.

AV Productions is able to put together meaningful content upon request for your specific needs.  Coaching & Courses are offered at all levels.

In summary, AV Productions offers a wide spectrum of training which upskills communication & creates incredible personal confidence.  The intention is to focus on authenticity & a professional approach to all forms of communication, which is important for self-awareness, leadership and management development.

All training is interactive & visual.   The use of games, results in much team building, fun, and furthermore, the candidates appreciate the visual DVD inserts shown, ensuring learning is absorbed easily through this visual means.   Delegates are surprised at the rewarding list of outcomes, which they take away with them to be added and integrated into their professional and personal lives.

On Line communication is fast becoming the ‘New Normal’ During Covid 19 lock-down. Communication has been taking place on many “on line” platforms and is shortly to  become part of the Presentation Course  MAKING AN IMPACT!

Personal Coaching or Group training is offered taking distant learning cautions.   Companies contracting Adrienne Verney Productions for ‘on-going’ training, receive preferential rates.

Continuous Professional Development

With a solid television foundation of thirteen years with RTV/ZTV, and a further three years of further experience in South Africa, I had further opportunity on television, covering three high profile special events amongst other experiences.

After our move to South Africa, it was a natural progression to open my own business using my experience to improve the presentation and communication skills of management and staff in the political and corporate environments.

My methodology is experiential, interactive, holistic and visual, and all-inclusive with proven outcomes.

Workshops offer:

  • Individual camera sessions, which create and build a healthy confidence, whilst achieving professional presentations with clear, constructive communications
  • A strong foundation of life skills is laid.
  • A journey, learning skills to connect ‘the dots’ which culminate in useful business management and personal self – actualisation.


Individuals who have completed courses/workshops:-

  • Have more awareness of their surroundings and what is happening out there.
  • Take responsibility with courage to step forward and ‘do it!’
  • Have a deeper understanding of accountability & responsibility
  • Obvious increased confidence.
  • Find they have a professional ‘voice’ which increases leadership abilities and so have a better chance to be a strong representative for both them-selves, and their company.
  • Develop an increased awareness of their authentic self.
  • Develop a healthy pride through accomplishment for the company, their team, and for the brand they represent.
  • Increases innovation, so expanding their awareness, implementing sustainable decision making and all forms of accurate communication.
  • Realising and putting to use important leadership and management skills.

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