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Aki Kalliatakis - Customer Service only goal at the Leadership LaunchPad is to help our clients to achieve world-class practices in customer management resulting in measurable successes and profitability.

Started in 1989, we have grown into a total consulting service in Customer Management, and we also act as a resource for our clients.

Our initial mission – “Helping to Delight Your Customers” – has now broadened to include all aspects of Customer Management

Which are aimed at creating the highest levels of customer loyalty, retention and profitability for your business.

What we believe in
Customer management and customer loyalty are the most important aspects of business success.

Adding value for customers and creating perfect experiences are how you create loyalty.

You should expect the same from us, and you should be able to measure it.

If you haven’t done the basics incredibly right, and continue doing “dumb” things nothing else you do will help.

Simplicity and simplifying are important goals

Integrity, honesty, relationships, service to others, listening and empathy, respect, trust, maintaining dignity, and having fun are the things that help people sleep better at night.

We want to be a shining example of these.

What we do

We conduct research to help diagnose customer drivenness, (using our original and tested instruments,)

Make recommendations for measurable improvements, facilitate round table discussions for creating a customer-driven culture, and conduct training for all levels of employees in the company.

In addition, our business offers clients dozens of articles, and other resources, that will help your business to guarantee success.

These include seven books, many DVDs, daily tweets, regular articles, posters and infographics, screensavers, and a range of tangible products that can be used as recognition items or gifts.

Aki Kalliatakis - Customer Service

What Can You Expect When You Partner With Us
We believe that you should know what to expect when you work in partnership with our business on your customer management initiatives.

We believe passionately in our work, values and principles, and want every consulting engagement, every interaction, to reflect these principles….

You can expect that we will carefully listen to your needs and respond to them.

It is impossible for us to succeed without a deep and profound knowledge of your business, and no matter how we finally decide to work together we will put in every effort to getting this insight.

Thus, we will spend a lot of time getting to know your company, your industry, your rivals, and, of course, your customers.

We insist on measurable customer management success and delight.

You will experience visible results within 100 days.

No excuses. Every consulting engagement must have defined goals, and we will do whatever it takes to guarantee your success.

Our only job is to give your business a greater competitive advantage. However, we don’t want to control the process – we prefer to collaborate with you.

We focus on building your organisation’s capacity in customer management.

Our role is to help you to solve your challenges by giving you usable principles, tools and skills.

You make the decisions, you steer the change, and you win the deals.

We will help you decide, act and succeed faster, more effectively and more consistently.

It may mean that sometimes we have to ask difficult questions and have difficult conversations, but this will always be done with respect for your insight.

We strive for simplicity. All solutions, tools, checklists and approaches must always be easy to understand and easy to use. They must be robust enough to yield real insight, and tested in the real world.

We will not experiment with your business.

We customise. 95% of our work is tailored specifically to your goals, your culture, your budget and the rhythm of your business.

The exceptions are when we do public workshops, or when you ask for a replica of something that we have done before.

We will spend time before any engagement understanding the intricacies of your business, and then adapting content, examples, and activities.

We make it fun! Humour, innovation and insight have a common core: unexpected connections.

Besides our personal energy, we also share countless stories about our experiences, both as consultants, and as customers.

It’s good for learning, but also good for the soul.

We provide and experience, (and service,) with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

We believe we shouldn’t be in the customer management business if we don’t – but we also understand that we need to be the role model, the example, for our clients and their people.

When we leave, everyone in your company should have lived through a personal and memorable experience.

This also means that whatever we discover about your business will not be shared without your permission; (we are happy to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.)

We will do it ourselves. We don’t believe that you should get poorly trained, cheaper outsourced contractors to do the work of managing our customers.

Only the most experienced people working full time in our company will facilitate in your business.

Why Us
Over the past quarter century we have realised that a customer-driven culture can be engineered.

We have garnered the knowledge, skills and experience that will help your organisation successfully implement strategies, tactics and actions for profitable customer management.

We do this through a number of activities that we co-create with your organisation, and more specifically we will together build your capability to achieve…

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