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Alfred Poor shares his insightful analysis of how groundbreaking digital technology is transforming healthcare. His global view is based on research-proven concepts, giving audiences at many levels practical information that they can put to use immediately.

Keynote Speaker: Health Technology Innovation

Inspiring and Disruptive
Technology will save healthcare. It will drive the shift from a “cure illness” model to a “promote wellness” model.

We will diagnose problems sooner, treatment will be more effective and cost less, and we will save lives and improve the quality of life for us all.

The Impact of Health Technology
A perfect storm of digital technology has created a new era of wearable and mobile devices for health and medical applications.

Innovations include remote patient monitoring, IoT connected data sharing, telehealth, and wearables that can monitor and treat illness.

Aging in Place
More than ever, seniors want to remain living independently for as long as they can.

Family members and caregivers want to make sure that they are safe. Health technology provides practical help by monitoring and compensating for impairments.

Healthy Employee, Happy Company
Soaring healthcare costs are a major concern for employers and their workers.

Companies large and small are finding substantial return on investment through employee fitness incentive programs, cutting healthcare costs by 25% or more.

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