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In addition with Allison Gill being a veteran, PhD, and a federal government executive, I’m a comedian, author, and staunch advocate for the resistance.  My mission as the executive producer and host of Mueller, She Wrote is to employ my expertise in the absurd amount of Trump Russia news and wrap it up into tasty bites for human consumption; and I am committed to do this weekly until House Trump falls.


Additionally, I’m very dedicated to the separation of facts and theory, and I work hard to make sure you know which is which.  The truth is the goal, and facts are the tools.


ALLISON GILL is a veteran of the San Diego comedy scene and has been voted the city’s funniest woman not once, but twice. She performs regularly at major venues like The Improv, The American Comedy Company, the Laugh Factory and the Comedy Store to just name a few.


Funny on-stage and off, Allison is also the host of a top-rated podcast on iTunes that is currently touring the country and selling out shows at venues from coast to coast.


 It’s no surprise that Allison’s comedic timing and sharp political wit have garnered her a devoted fanbase with over 60,000 followers on twitter and hundreds of fivestar reviews on iTunes.

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