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Allseated uses event planning software provides the digital planning tools needed to design floorplans, create seating charts, and effectively collaborate on planning details without the need for on-site and in-person meetings. Easily design floorplan layouts to-scale, manage guest lists, take virtual walkthroughs, manage timelines, and more. Using Allseated, virtually “meet” with vendor teams and clients virtually to review set ups and details. Save time, improve operational efficiency, and ensure accuracy.

Depending upon region and climate, outdoor event season can be year-round or seasonal. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, however, outdoor events have increased in popularity, need, and practicality to assist clients with hosting their events safely in line with local event guidelines.

With more clients turning to outdoor venues and event spaces, there are certain factors to keep in mind in order to assist clients in making the decision for their events.

When Advising Clients For Outdoor Events:

Guest List & Budget

The first step for every event planning process (be it an indoor or outdoor event) should always be to establish the event guest list and budget. It’s critical to know how many people may be in attendance and how much money there is to work with in order to properly select a venue and the rest of the vendors for the event. An outdoor venue may still have capacity requirements and guest count minimums so a guest list is an important part of venue selection. The event budget goes hand in hand with guest count as it depicts how much can be allocated throughout the outdoor planning process.


EXVO is a virtual platform that allows you to create immersive, fully branded experiences with features that keep your audience completely engaged. EXVO brings the live event experience to virtual events.


exVo brings a new dimension to your events, with never-before-experienced interaction between in-person and virtual attendees. The virtual event space feels real and adds a level of excitement for attendees, allowing them to navigate and explore as they like – virtually. Enter meeting rooms for breakout sessions. Meet with colleagues and make new connections too - the natural networking opportunities are endless and easy.


exVo has features that transform attendees from passive listeners to active participants like chat, Q&A, and interactive capabilities and others that enable natural conversations and connections – just like in the real world. Audience engagement is key to any successful event. With exVo, it’s simple.

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Now more than ever, event businesses and venues are moving away from traditional in person planning meetings and towards virtual planning and remote ways to book new business. Allseated provides the virtual tools need for venues to sell, plan, and execute successful events.

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