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What will you learn?
  • Instead of being stuck in work that isn't bringing you the rewards and fulfillment you long for, with people you don’t enjoy, focusing on outcomes that aren't meaningful (and being exhausted and drained by all of it), you’ll be coached and guided to new ways to…
  • Leverage what you're great at and care about most to build a career that's not only lucrative, but meaningful and joyful
  • Become the Most Powerful You to build the confidence, courage and support to take your life and livelihood to the highest level
  • Earn significantly more reward and create a more satisfying lifestyle, for yourself and your family
  • Be more comfortable in your own skin, and speak up and stand up for what matters most to you
  • Use your natural gifts and talents in ways that are easy and enjoyable
  • Work hard but love it so much it feels more like play
  • Balance your life and family priorities more easily and seamlessly, building a happier life outside of work
  • Become an inspiring role model for others in your life
  • Build happier, stronger, more positive relationships and bonds
  • Speak, advocate and negotiate with more authority and power
  • Become the leader and influencer you dream to be
  • Feel proud of who you are and what you’re doing in the world, every day
Material Includes

#1 - Kathy’s Your Path to Career Bliss digital newsletter (12 issues for free! $99 value)

#2 - Two special audio interviews with nationally-renowned experts William Arruda on Building Your Powerful Personal Brand and Michelle Gielan on Broadcasting Happiness

#3 - Kathy’s Personal Branding Workbook – use this to hone and articulate your own person brand and leverage it in your work, business, and leadership

#4 - Kathy's 7-Day Power Boost Challenge Workbook that offers key exercises and strategies from Kathy's new book The Most Powerful You, and helps you close the 7 damaging power gaps 98% of professional women and 90% of men face today

#5 – Resume Expert Cynthia Hanson's Guide to a powerful LinkedIn Profile and Resume.

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How long is the course?

16 Weeks

Course Instructor

Kathy Caprino

About the Instructor

Designed from 16 years of research with the needs of professionals who want to experience change in mind, this powerful, proven 16- week course offers the most effective instruction today on the 16 essential steps to move you from a less-than-satisfying life and career to an absolutely thrilling one. It’s helped hundreds of professionals around the world reach their most compelling goals, and these are the very steps I took to achieve my biggest dreams as an entrepreneur, writer, podcaster, and women's career expert.


This process honors your whole, authentic, amazing self, and guides you on the path to finally becoming the person you wish to be, making the impact you dream of.


If I'd had this information when I was starting out in professional life, I wouldn't have wasted 18 precious years of my life on a path that was wrong for me. I would have found my way to life and career bliss much more quickly, and "found brave" to achieve it without the costly, damaging mistakes I experienced. I'd love to teach you how to bypass these mistakes and get there fast.


This program helps you do just that! I hope you'll join me.

Course Description

Dramatically boost your joy, happiness, and success – and reduce burnout and stress – in your amazing career (and your life) today.


Join the Amazing Career Project and take the right action to experience the relief and peace that comes from positive change. These are the tools, strategies, live coaching and expert guidance to get you there in just 16 weeks!


The Amazing Career Project online course is designed exactly for this purpose – to give professionals of all levels around the globe a simple, proven and highly effective process that helps you say, "I know what I want and I'm finally getting it!"


Taught by Kathy Caprino, M.A. – internationally recognized women's career expert, former corporate VP and marriage and family therapist, Forbes Senior Contributor, top-selling author and coach — you'll receive expert online video instruction, personalized guidance, an amazing support group and a powerful 16-week curriculum that fits into your busy life. You’ll finally be able to make the important changes you've been deeply longing for in your career. And those important shifts positively transform your life outside of work!


Leveraging Kathy's 35 years of high-level professional training and experience, and her work as a writer, speaker and researcher on top career issues, this course offers a specialized blend of help that will transform how you see yourself and how you operate in the world, so you can build significantly more success, happiness and reward (both financial and emotional) doing work you love.


The training content of this course has earned a 9.3/10 rating from and is in the TOP 5% of 94,680 courses!

Who is this course for?

NOTE: Due to the limited number of seats available for this course session, refunds are not available. If scheduling or timing conflicts arise, members may request to be moved to a different course session, or apply the course fee to a private coaching program with Kathy, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In either case, members' payment plans will continued to be billed per their original schedule.


  • You've had some professional success, but are now ready for greater satisfaction, success, control and power in a career that makes you feel confident and happy in work that matters to you.
  • You want to be respected and valued, and do work that is meaningful.
  • You are done having work run your life – you want more balance, control and flexibility in how you spend your time.
  • You want to have more authority, impact, and responsibility, but need expert, trustworthy guidance to achieve it.
  • You are deciding between a number of important options, and need help to sort through them successfully to get to your ultimate visions.
  • You're ready to do the work required to shift your life and career to experience more joy, happiness and personal reward.
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