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Andrea Slattery, a visionary thinker in financial services and superannuation, offers compelling insights into corporate strategies, leadership and cross industry transformation.

In conjunction with her Board appointments and involvement in innovation, technology and human resources, she focuses on how businesses can most effectively engage with their customers and clients via multi-channel and new age service models.

Starting her career in accounting and academia, for the past 14 years, as Founder, Managing Director and CEO of the SMSF Association, Andrea has built a national and international reputation as a prime mover in building Australia’s superannuation and retirement income systems to be the third best in the world.

She is recognised as a thought leader in Australia’s Superannuation and Finance Service sectors and is the face and voice of SMSF.

Andrea is significantly involved in the Finance and SMSF sectors, building integrity, best practice standards for advice, education.

Advocacy through her participation in and membership of a range of advisory committees to Government, Treasury and the Regulators.Andrea was awarded ‘Woman of the Year’ – Money Management | Super Review, Australian Women in Financial Services Awards 2014.

As the face of the SMSF Industry she has a significant experience speaking to CEOs and industry leaders and is a commanding on-stage presence.

Keynote Topic #1

    Authentic leadership – Vulnerability is Power


    AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP for the new era is challenging the norm.

    Vulnerability is POWER. No longer are leaders able to be short term focused and only interested in revenue and profit. They need to be engaged themselves in those traditional drivers as well as the cultural, social and economic drivers seen as important by the new generations of consumers and by the workers of the future.


    As one of the most powerful women in the Australian Financial Services industry, Andrea is an engaging speaker whose experience, intelligence, honesty, humility and quick humour serve to consistently inform, entertain and inspire her audiences

        • WeSpeak Global
          04/14/2021 at 4:11 pm

          “I have known Andrea Slattery in her role as CEO of the SMSF Association for some years, more recently as a Board member of the Association. I can attest to her incredibly good advocacy skills, her determination and tenacity in pursuing matters for the SMSF community. Her advocacy is tempered by a constructive and collaborative approach and an unfailingly gracious manner. As a consequence she has built the Association into an influential body, and won many friends for the SMSF Association in corporate and policy circles.”

          Deborah Ralston, NED RBA

        • WeSpeak Global
          04/14/2021 at 4:10 pm

          “Andrea is an inspiration as a wife, mother and grandmother and as well as leading a national organisation, demonstrating it is possible for women to excel in the Australian business world. Her story motivated the audience, causing them to believe that ‘normal, ordinary’ women can do extraordinary work.”

          Christine Zeitz, Managing Director North East Asia, BAE systems, 2014.

        • WeSpeak Global
          04/14/2021 at 4:10 pm

          “Her story motivated the audience, causing them to believe that ‘normal, ordinary’ women can do extraordinary work. Her challenges and triumphs offer guidance, counsel and inspiration.”

          Christine Zeitz, Managing Director North East Asia, BAE Systems

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