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Andrew Bryant has worked with audiences as large as 12,000, facilitated team alignment with small and mid-sized groups, and worked 1-to-1 with ‘C-level’ executives to become better leaders.

Results from working with Andrew have included; positive changes in organization culture and people’s mindsets, increased sales, productivity and teamwork with reduced negative conflict.

Living in Asia for the last 13-years and working globally, Andrew has insights and perspective on what it takes to be an effective entrepreneur and leader of people in a multi-cultural world.

With Dr. Ana Kazan Ph.D, he wrote the book ‘Self-Leadership: How to Become a More Successful, Efficient and Effective Leader from the Inside Out’ (McGraw-Hill 2012).

This book is a personal development guide as well as being used on MBA programs to teach how to influence employees to take ownership and be accountable for results.

Self-leadership is a mindset and a set of behavioral strategies that enable a person to lead themselves in such a way that others willingly follow.

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching Solutions
From Singapore to Silicon Valley - Online and In-Person.
Deploying the Self-Leadership Methodology for C-Suite Leaders, Senior Executives and their Teams to Create Winning Cultures.

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching...
has never been more important for the sustainable success of a company, and Executive Coaching is now well established as an effective leadership development initiative.

For 20+ Years, from Sydney to Singapore to Silicon Valley, Andrew Bryant has coached Senior Managers and C-Suite leaders, as well as created leadership development programs that have included, group coaching, psychometric testing, facilitation, and learning events for his clients.

Using his Self-leadership methodology, he has been instrumental in growing leaders and high performance global leadership teams.

Self-leadership clarifies what we are responsible for and what we are accountable to. The results of self-leadership are greater influence and impact.

C-Suite Adviser, Executive Coach, Leadership Facilitator and MBA Lecturer

Andrew Bryant has delivered leadership development and executive coaching on 5 continents in 20+ countries to 200,000+ executives. He is an expert on Self-Leadership, People and Culture and has designed and delivered solutions based workshops for various leadership topics for companies like; Deloitte, Red Hat, Microsoft, SAP and Singapore Airlines.

Executive Coaching for Senior Managers and Leaders
Andrew Bryant is available for Executive Coaching assignment. These are typically 6-months and include:

✓ A chemistry setting to discuss expectations and objectives.
✓ Meetings with key stakeholders to discuss impressions and areas for development.

✓ Psychometric Profiling to get insights on personality, leadership styles and possible derailing traits.

✓ Regular face-to-face or video-conference meeting for confidential coaching conversations.

✓ Ad hoc or formalized 360 interviews.

Customized Leadership Team Development
Above and beyond technical competency, today’s leaders and leadership teams need to COMMUNICATE, be CREATIVE, have CRITICAL THINKING and COLLABORATE. Only then will they be able to respond with agility and create a winning culture, where all levels of the organization have ownership and accountability.

Using a combination of Executive Coaching, Team Facilitation and Psychometric Profiling, Andrew Bryant is able to align a leadership team to create a robust culture and develop the next level of leaders.

A typical assignment starts with an offsite facilitation and then progresses with quarterly coaching , and 1-to-1 coaching  for key players.

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