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Angel Aviles

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Angel Aviles is a former actress who is currently a Latinx influencer, an award-winning life coach, and a motivational speaker. She facilitates dynamic workshops, across the United States where she helps people learn to connect to their inner creative and use their anxiety as a wellness barometer.


When she is not at work, she is a mom, a traveler, a volunteer, a tech evangelist, a food justice advocate, a mentor, a soulmate, a seeker, and most of all, genuinely human.


Are you looking for the courage and inspiration to finally start living your truth? Do you want to find happiness, stop struggling with low self-esteem, and finally kick anxiety to the curb?


Too Happy to Be Sad Girl: a self-help memoir written by an iconic brown girl boss!


Are you looking for the courage to finally start living your truth? Are you ready to find happiness in yourself, stop struggling with self-worth, and finally kick anxiety to the curb?


Now’s the time! Too Happy to Be Sad Girl is an inspiring guide that will make you laugh, cry, think, and finally stand up for yourself!


If you've spent years feeling like you've put everyone else's needs ahead of your own, struggling with self-esteem, or just felt like you were not living up to your potential, you're not alone. Every one of us has a unique journey, often filled with pain, hardship, and a hefty dose of dark times. Every one of us must find the strength and courage to live with purpose.


Angel Aviles is one of those people who made a living making movies. In fact, in 1993, she appeared as the Sad Girl in the cult classic film Mi Vida Loca. She had a beautiful life in Los Angeles, but at some point, her battle with anxiety and panic took her from heaven through hell. She fought for years to gain her self-confidence and learned so much in the process.


In 2011, Angel began a side hustle as a life coach. Today, she's helped countless women find self-worth and happiness in themselves. With her book, you can begin the process of becoming "too happy", too!


This heart-to-heart autobiography reveals how Angel learned to use her anxiety and change her life. It's a straightforward guide to help you understand who you are and what you want and learn how to find joy, whether you're a new mom, a divorcee, or a fierce 40-year-old. It's a riveting story. As you listen, you will feel less alone and inspired to pursue your dreams.


Angel is not your typical life coach. In fact, she likes to think of herself as a comrade, a trusted friend, full of love and genuine advice.


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