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Anthony Stears is better known as “The Telephone Assassin” and he’s on a mission to get businesses talking again and stop people from hiding behind their emails and social media.

Helping clients to get in front of more of their ideal customers and getting more business from their existing customers.

Anthony has made calls for a huge range of business and when he found himself as the sales or marketing manager for 5 different companies all at the same time,

He realised that his growing waiting list of clients needed to be serviced too.

After working closely with an NLP master trainer he was able to teach people to “fish for themselves” as he started to really understand the power of his communication style, so combined with the structure he had developed, Anthony began to run a Telemarketing Masterclass.

Not realising just how many people are daunted by picking up the phone to a potential customer, calling someone to deliver bad news, or addressing an awkward situation/customer,

Anthony was asked to develop a selection of mini master-classes that would help people to,

  • Avoid Rejection,
  • Get past the gatekeeper,
  • Perfect their pitch and
  • Build rapport fast over the phone.

Anthony Stears

Breakthrough Coaching

Ideal for personal development, strategy sessions and accountability. 1-2-1 Coaching and small groups, with tailored programs designed to help Entrepreneurs, Sales & Customer Service leaders, and Professional Speakers.

There are 4 different Coaching options available to meet the needs and budgets of everyone.

 Open Workshops

Ideal for smaller businesses or those with a tight budget, these open workshops allow you to share the cost of the session with other businesses.

If you have a small group of 1-5 people that need a little help improving their performance on the phone, then these are for you.

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  • Sales Manager at Handicare
    06/22/2021 at 4:05 pm

    “Over a year later, I still hear phrases being used in the office that came from Anthony’s workshop” Sales Manager at Handicare


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