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Antoni Lacinai is a very appreciated and experienced MC at seminars and conferences for different industries such as medical, telecom, agriculture, finance etc. He has been moderating and facilitating events in various countries around the world and speaks English fluently.

Even though he is a strong supporter of the physical meetings, one of his many books is about "Virtual meetings" so he does have a knowledge around not only moderating analog conferences and seminars, but also digital ones including panel discussions, round tables and interviews.

The largest event so far that Antoni has moderated was the Nordic Business Forum 2015 in Helsinki, Finland, where 5,500 people attended, plus 5,500 more on live stream. Speakers were Gary Kasparov, Arianna Huffington, Simon Sinek and more.

Apart from this, he is also a communication-skills trainer and many organizations leverage on this, training their internal speakers before the event as well.

Antoni also designs and facilitates strategic and creative workshops. Sometimes these two roles/skills are combined, where clients want more involvement and interaction.

As a note, he wrote the first Swedish book on how to moderate seminars and conferences.

Expert In:

"Hi, I am glad you have an interest in me as your MC, helping you lead your conference. This is what you'll get:

  • An experienced MC who has been doing this since year 2000.
  • Someone who takes this role very seriously, always doing the research, contacting the speakers and organizers before the event, and bring the A-game to the stage.
  • A moderator who can dive into almost any topic, just like a journalist.
  • A person who understands that the task is to make the speakers the stars
  • A professional MC who is NOT famous, so that the focus goes to the content and the speakers.

I'll be happy to talk to you about your upcoming event!"


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