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Antoni Lacinai, the Workplace Communication Expert, gives keynotes that will engage and energize the audience on your event.


With equally high energy and clarity he will inspire you as well as providing concrete tools, models and tips that will help you lead and engage people, sell to, and serve clients and build high performing teams. Thus, his focus is on leadership, employee engagement and customer experience.


Antoni is based in Sweden, but his work takes him across the world when he speaks, coach and train people both on-site and online. He has spent more than 25 years deciphering the secrets of outstanding workplace communication. He has found and/or created

-         20 communication insights

-         3 communication superpowers

-         A process for dynamic leadership and sales communication

-         A leadership framework for effective meetings

-         A unique goal setting model and 13 motivational boosters.


Antoni is an author of 13 non-fiction books on communication, leadership, and sales. In 2019, Antoni came 3rd in the Swedish championship of Storytelling


Antoni is also a highly skilled MC, working cross industries.


Keynote # 1

Elevate your Employee engagement


The more engaged your employees are, the better they will perform. Simple as that. Positive interactions, positive feedback and positive attitudes toward each other will bring better results. The opposite is also true: bitter employees will wreck all your good intentions, and all you need is one bad apple to ruin productivity for the whole team.


In Antoni’s keynotes, you will get insights on:

• Why your organization is stuck with the engagement you have
• The cost and the gain of poor and great engagement
• Why Gallup is wrong in their analysis
• Why your people are like popcorn
• Why your brain needs a green light
• How your communication affects employee engagement and performance.
• The three superpowers of communication

So how can your organization increase peoples’ positive feelings toward your workplace? How can you boost collaboration and elevate the motivation? The key is in how you and your colleagues communicate with each other.

Keynote # 2

Elevate your Leadership communication

Leadership is influence. Influence is power. How you use that power will determine your personal success, your business success and even your legacy. Master the three pillars of great communication – Energy, Empathy and Clarity – and you will be a better leader.

Do you know how to elevate your leadership communication?

In Antoni’s keynote, you will get selected insights on:

• Why it matters that everything about you communicates
• Why Empathy is a game changer or show-stopper
• How Energy and Clarity affect engagement
• Why a focus on only efficiency will backfire
• The 7 E’s of executive excellence
• The challenges with virtual leadership
• The three levels of listening
• How to have brave conversations.
• How you can lead effective meetings, analog or digital.
• How to agree on high performing, meaningful goals, and increase motivation

Great communication leads to higher motivation, performance and ultimately a better result. As a leader you want to communicate with high energy, empathy and clarity, both online and on-site. The latter is even harder. Antoni has to date asked almost a thousand managers of the challenges with virtual leadership

Keynote # 3

Elevate your Customers' experience

A customer will not change supplier just because the quality is a bit lower or the price a bit higher. They’ll leave as soon as they feel that you don’t care about them. How you meet, greet and treat your customers will determine your company’s success.

Do you know how to elevate your customers’ experience?

This keynote can be tailored to salespeople, managers, booth personnel, retail stores personnel and customer service people.

In Antoni’s keynote, you will get insights on:

• Why bad customer service is a sign of bad leadership
• The power if first impressions
• The three ways to build rapport with a client
• The three levels of listening.
• Why sympathy is bad, and empathy is good.
• Why you should talk value instead of features
• How to get a commitment from a client
• How you keep things simple, not stupid
• Why PowerPoint is a real downer
• Why you end up with only two kind of customers if you give (or great) service.

Go to a trade show and see how the stand staff behaves. Go to a retail store or a hotel and see how the staff act. Contact a customer service department and complain about something.

Very soon you will find out if this is a great customer centric business or a no-can-do, infections, low-ceiling company culture.

Country of Residence:



Vildvinsvägen 4, 294 37 Sölvesborg, Sweden


In this keynote, Antoni will share experiences and facts around why it is so important to understand engagement and motivation, how we treat each other, what works and what doesn't.

In this keynote, Antoni will give you insights on how to communicate as a leader, why leaders are in the danger zone when they are promoted and how they are the number one reason for employees staying or leaving.

In this keynote, Antoni will explain why customer experience is outside of your control, why we should focus on how we meet, greet and treat customers, and what kind of customers you end up with if you deliver great or crappy service to your customers.

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Antoni Lacinai

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