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Sacramento, California

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Sporting a roster of seasoned musical veterans from every genre yet known, Apple Z is making friends and influencing people all over California and beyond with unique and clever treatments for the timeless catalog of popular music everyone knows and loves. Apple Z is a shiny new dance and wedding dance band with vast performance experience in all types of venues and formats due to the members many diverse musical projects.

Casino gigs, club gigs, private parties, special events and weddings are all places Apple Z feels right at home. The band puts a strong emphasis on professionalism and making sure your event is smooth sailing from stem to stern. On-time sound checks, easygoing attitudes, and reliable equipment are hallmarks of an Apple Z show.


Unstoppable energy, world-class musicianship, rock concert showmanship, Apple Z packs the dance floor and delights your guests. Carefully selected playlist’s reflects both Apple Z’s talent and experience. Expertly delivering crowd-pleasing classics from roots of rock 60’s through revolutionary 80’s, 90’s and the best of today’s Top 40 dance hits. Apple Z’s authentic rock edge and musicianship will leave you and your guests screaming “One more song!”

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