Barbara is on a mission to heal the world through her inspirational and life changing talks.  She passionately believes in everyone's ability to learn, grow and prosper in the face of adversity by using her formula of:

  • STOP making excuses
  • DROP all that's toxic
  • RUN towards life, healing, freedom, and grace

She is an inspirational speaker, author and psychologist, who is passionate about making bold choices, holistic wellbeing, and inspiring audiences to bravely rise above life challenges and boldly stepping into and embracing their purposes. She gives inspirational talks and masterclasses that impart actionable tools that help audiences find emotional contentment and stability which translate into high performance in all other areas of their lives. She has spoken on Tupopyeni, Good Morning Namibia, Namibia Women's Summit 2017, Miss Namibia Women Empowerment, Avani Hotel wellness, NUST secretaries day, PSAN The Authentic Stage Conference, Foreversun Inspirations, and WILD Inspiring the Next Generation of Women Leaders. She has been featured in the Namibian, the Republikein, the Confidante newspapers and the Sister magazine. She was voted one of the Namibian Women who impacted 2017, and was an Economist Businesswoman of the year 2015 business owner category finalist. Her book, Pain, Heartache & Forgiveness is about her journey through both physical and emotional pain, how she did not crumble and allow her circumstances to destroy nor define her. The book is a celebration of life, gives hope and testifies to the amazing power of forgiveness.

Program Information
Rising Above Your Circumstances

  • Format: ​1.5 day workshopThis program is perfect for:​Teams desiring to overcome adversity
  • Groups seeking tools to rise above their circumstances

The audience will leave with:​

  • Practical tools to face various life calamities
  • Applicable solutions to their circumstances
  • A booklet with take away nuggets for inspiration and hope
  • The power of faith during temptations and adversities
  • Finding self purpose in the face of abusive relationships
  • Speaking up and seeking help
  • Identity in the face of severe medical conditions
  • Finding a deeper connection with fellow survivors
  • What the ultimate definition of beauty is
  • Emotional bankruptcy as a stimulant for creativity
  • Helping others find their feet

"I have conducted this masterclass around Windhoek, Namibia and it's always an inspiration to the attendants to strive for personal development and emotional growth. (One attendant called it a soulful session).  In this masterclass I share my personal story and how tenacity has ushered me into overcoming."

Crisis Management in the Workplace
Format: ​2 hour breakout

This program is perfect for:​

  • Teams requiring help managing crisis
  • The audience will leave with:​Finding better and long lasting solutions to the crisis
  • Ideation, that is germination of alternative solutions such as brainstorming
  • Selection of the most suitable solution that will promote healthy and good rapport in the workplace
  • When the top three stages have been carefully and successfully conducted, it will now be time for the implementation and modification if need be.

"The various teams in the organisation will be encouraged to revisit their objectives and goals for performing tasks.  I will also help them explore whether they have adequate resources to meet these goals.  I will inspire the teams to work interdependently, to complement each other, have a clear team identity, and know how they fit with other teams in the organisation."

Topics Offered

Rising Above Your Circumstances
Crisis Management in the Workplace

Booking Info

For your inspirational, transformational, empowering and holistic keynotes, moderation and facilitation, Barbara is your speaker.  Through her life story which took her from abuse, cancer, deafness, a hysterectomy and divorce, she imparts practical life skills that will see you through any circumstances life may throw your way.

Topics Offered

Rising Above Your Circumstances
Crisis Management in the Workplace

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