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Being A Leader Is A Choice Not A Title

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Do you have to be a manager or executive to be a leader? No!

Leading others is a choice. It isn’t about your title.

Many people with executive titles are terrible leaders, and many people without a fancy title are outstanding leaders.

More than your title, being a leader is about influencing change and inspiring and motivating others. Leaders paint a picture of a better world and work with others to create it.

Nowhere does it say you have to be a manager or an executive to be a leader. But somehow, we’ve told ourselves that only people with certain titles can lead others. That’s just not the case.

You don’t need permission to become a leader. If you want to be a leader, start leading!

Read books, listen to podcasts, and talk to others to learn leadership skills. Develop skills that are crucial for future leaders, such as empathy, self-awareness, curiosity, and a growth mindset.

Realizing you don’t need anything external to be a leader is a freeing way to think about leadership and yourself as a leader. You are in control and can become a leader, no matter your title.

What will you do to become the leader you know you can be?

The #1 challenge for organizations right now is how to attract and retain talent. Organizations are stuck in old ways of thinking about work and they are struggling!

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