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Billy Selekane is an Author, Internationally acclaimed Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Personal, Team and Organizational Effectiveness Specialist.

He is Executive Chairman of Billy Selekane and Associates with associated footprint in Australia, Middle East, Singapore, Sweden, UK, USA an Action Learning, Strategy Formulation, Team, Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership Development Organization.

His focus is in Personal, Team and Organizational Effectiveness, which he delivers through, Customized Keynotes and Client Centric Interventions.

He works in Asia, Europe, UAE, UK and the USA as well as various African countries, including Botswana, Kenya, Namibia and Nigeria for fortune 500 companies such as 3M Sub-Sahara Africa, ADT Security, African Bank, Development Bank of South Africa, DTI, Eskom, International Youth Fund, Maps UK, Nike Southern Africa, Nokia, Pam Golding Properties, Roche Pharmaceuticals, SEFA, Swedish Institute of Public Administration, Wesbank to name but a few.

He is Past President PSASA (Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa) 2006-2007, a Life Member of XL-Foundation a Singapore based organization with a special focus on entrepreneurship and social upliftment.

1st South African speaker to speak at a General Assembly NSA (USA) convention.
He is an in-house Inspirational Speaker at Radio 2000 breakfast show every Monday.

He is a regular featured guest at a Gauteng based radio station Kaya FM with a listenership of + 2 000 000 daily where he inspires and give advice on Personal, Leadership , Organizational and Team Effectiveness issues.

Featured as a regular Motivational/Inspirational Speaker on SABC 3’s The World Today programme with a viewer ship of +3000 000.

Inspired over 30 million people globally through his Bespoke Keynotes, Seminars, Client Centric Interventions and his book “From Barefoot to Snakeskin Shoes.

Billy believes that motivating your target audience is not enough, you should inspire them to change their belief systems and act upon decisions they make through a transformational process rather than an information sharing session.


The speed of change has not only quadrupled we are now talking about quantum leap change. We have seen how the speed of technology continues to challenge people in different work environments.

This change whilst it is taking us into a new era, also creates a lot of anxiety within society especially people working for organizations both government and private.

Many organizations globally find themselves downsizing, or finding new ways of working to ensure that there is congruency between man and machine.

It therefore becomes both a strategic and business imperative to continually find ways in which people can be assisted in dealing with this uncertainty.

Each organization will live or die based on its Internal Culture; Culture is not static but evolutionary or can be revolutionized.

The building blocks for any Organizational Culture is the Value system how they are understood, lived and measured in everything that people do within an organization.

In ensuring that Culture becomes the elixir for any organization it becomes imperative to have Leadership Alignment, Cohesion, Intentional Congruency all driven by a new Belief in the new organization. For any organizational Vision to move from paper to the hearts and minds of the people, much is expected from the Leadership collective

So this Coaching Program is designed to get you to first be at one with yourself, to be congruent, inspirational, dependable, trusted so that when you share and or guide people within the organization they can have faith in you.

The Leadership Team is the custodian of the Mandate, therefore it becomes a business imperative for the Leadership Team members to bring their different skills and talent to the table.

In bringing these there should also be congruency and alignment, there should be a single agenda which is to assist the organization to fulfill its mandate.


  • Leaders who is exceptionally positive and passionate.
  • Leaders who have a deeper understanding of who they are.
  • Leaders who have a clear Vision about their lives and their roles in a transforming organization.
  • Leaders who live organizational Values in everything they do.
  • Leaders who are selfless.
  • Leaders who are dependable.
  • Leaders who people can and do believe in.
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