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Boost Resilience - Episode 1 | Joni Peddie

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Joni Peddie shares practical ways to BOOST your energy on a daily basis, and hence your resilience. Life is tough.


We need to be more agile, and dynamic to deal with the exponential changes that keep coming our way. If you are getting through your day with pure grit and determination, you’ll enjoy learning a few simple ‘bio-hack’ ideas . Less ‘energy outflow’, and more effectiveness. Burnout has increased by 33% over the last year.


This 5 part series does not need to be viewed in sequence. However, if you want to ‘bypass burnout’ … it is essential to watch all 5 episodes.
Your habits TODAY, inform your health TOMORROW !

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About the Speaker

Joni Peddie is a Professional Keynote Speaker on boost resilience and wellness, Executive Coach and Strategic Facilitator. Leaders and Teams navigating the unprecedented change in their businesses need to learn the various skills that underpin mental, emotional and physical, and purpose-driven  wellbeing.


Resilience is so much more than 'bounce-back'. It is also about being prepared and 'response-ready' and therefore able to 'bounce-forward' after adversity, in order to ride the waves of change. The waves of change don't only come in sets of 7 these days.


There are unexpected, larger and more forceful waves coming at us, which  are much harder to surf! This requires mental, emotional and physical- fitness, which are ALL underpinned by having enough energy and personal agility. We all want to be  'future-fit', but need to know the  'how to.


The technical skills are not enough on their own. Good business strategies, decisions and execution happens when people work well in teams, are motivated, can handle 'change' and most importantly TRUST each other. These are people issues.


Joni Peddie, as a Behavioural Strategist focuses on the people issues. Her business is called Resilient People.

About the Video

Episode 1: Bed & Sleep- how to be response-ready resilient!

Sleep is the Swiss Army Knife of Health, and Personal Performance. We take ‘sleep’ for granted, and often only think about the number of hours we sleep. Quantity is only half the story.


Waking up refreshed, and with abundant energy… is what you feel when you have good ‘quality’ sleep. Learn tips and techniques for restorative, and high quality sleep. This will reboot your brain, and you’ll benefit from feeling vibrant, and dynamic!

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