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Branding Strategy | Pierre du Plessis

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This session will:

- Help you understand what a brand actually is should do.

-  Show you how to start using the power of storytelling to build your brand and focus your message.

- Give you clear values and guidelines when designing a strategy to communicate your message.

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About the Speaker

Pierre du Plessis cares deeply about the things we build. He is a creative director and designer who knows that bad design breaks businesses.

He spends his time helping businesses embrace good design to build valuable thoughtful and beautiful products and brands.

Pierre has worked in the creative world since 2000 in everything from fashion to app design.

He is the founder of Palaestra, a community of practice where people train together to become better humans being so that they can build things that matter.

An award-winning author, having received the Desmond Tutu, Gerrit Brand prize for literature.

Pierre speaks to audiences around the world on how to use creativity, design and age-old wisdom to solve today’s problems.

About the Video

In this video keynote he shares some key insights on Pierre du Plessis and Branding and where to start when designing a brand that people will love and a strategy that will help you cut through the noise.

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