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This engaging former QVC Show Host, news anchor and reporter, and award-winning PR pro is camera ready to captivate your remote/virtual audience. Brenda Viola's outrageous experiences on and off camera inform her memorable sessions. Author of the #1 Amazon New Release in Government Management, The Public Servants' Survival Guide, her ten keys to restore joy in work and life appeal to any audience of busy people.

Need to communicate better? Her "Mastering the Media" class offers practical skills to make the most of any conversation as does "How to be Heard (without Screaming)." Practical tips to empower her audiences to get what's in their heads out of their mouths effectively (and with grace) produce rave reviews and life-changing results.

Unpacking the communication problem led to extensive research on "Why don't we speak up?" The culprit? FEAR. Her "The Fear Factor" class was developed and its companion, "Create Your Life, One Thought at a Time" resulted in hundreds of testimonials from people whose lives have improved as a result of these practical and candid workshops.

Brenda's audiences laugh out loud. She is not shy about telling her own gut-wrenching life stories. In fact, the heartbeat of her story is "My messes are my message" and led to the registered trademarked phrase, "Embrace Your Flawsomeness."

Life is too short to live with regrets. Did you learn something? Then it wasn't a mistake - it's all part of the journey. There's ONE person you are destined to spend the rest of your life with - and it's YOU. So you better start loving yourself, taking care of yourself, and settling in to your own worthiness NOW.

If you have a group that is "Running on Empty" Brenda's Keynote by the same name will help them self-assess and fuel their tanks to go on to improved and happier lives. Is your workplace toxic or in need of a culture boost? ME Seminars has a workshop built to infuse your organization with appreciation.

When you mean BUSINESS about the well being of your team, ME Seminars and Brenda Viola are your go-to source for inspiration, motivation, and practical tools that, when applied, can change a life - or a business - for good.


The Busy Person's Survival Guide: 10 Keys to Reclaim Your Joy in Work and Life
Who has time for self-reflection? This KEYNOTE makes time for the audience to take an honest look at ten areas of their personal and professional lives that can cause them to verge on burnout.

Participants will laugh and learn their way through checkpoints like:

  • Collaboration vs. being a lone ranger
  • Imbalances in body, soul and spirit
  • Taking themselves (and others) too seriously
  • Surrounded by energy vampires or uplifters?
  • The perils of dishonesty in work and life
  • Is your heart in it?

In each category, they will "grade" themselves and by the end, they'll have action items to help them course correct.

If your team is battle weary and could use encouragement to love their work again, this keynote is a perfect kick-off to set your conference or meeting up for success.

The Fear Factor: Facing the Bully to Realize Your Dreams
The biggest bully in life wears a variety of disguises. It can show up in work and in life as procrastination, shyness, anger or a host of other negative behaviours. Ultimately, it paralyzes its victims.

It's name is FEAR, and everyone deals with it. The physiological facts behind what generates fear, practical coping mechanisms to manage it and even conquer it to realize your potential are contained in this powerful workshop.

Overthinking, "awfulizing" and creating imagined scenarios fuel fear.  Learning to embrace uncertainty and bypass our "fight or flight" instincts can make an amazing difference in a person's productivity and happiness level.

Give your team the gift of facing the bully head-on. The Fear Factor class is an investment to enable participants to Face Everything And Rise.

Dealing with Difficult People
Are you dealing with a bully? A know-it-all?  An energy vampire?

It's easy to react when you're being treated unfairly or with rudeness. It's more challenging to take a step back, breathe, and conjure up empathy, respect and diplomacy. Learn not only what pushes your buttons, but WHY - and practical tools to reduce the heat in an uncomfortable situation.

Learning the psychology behind some of these behaviors can help shift your perspective. This course will help you obtain practical coping mechanisms to diffuse even the most difficult of people.  Whether customers or co-workers - or perhaps YOU are difficult - you'll come away with a greater ability to empathize and build bridges (rather than burning them!).

Enhancing Your Corporate Culture
A happy workplace is more productive AND more profitable.

Creating an environment where innovation and creativity can thrive and where good ideas can bloom should be the aim of every workplace.

Programs only go so far. What is your Company mission?  What are your Core Values?  This workshop deep dives into what makes your organization tick and how the foundational values should translate into every aspect of your business - from hiring to firing and coaching to recognition.

Developing an underpinning of TRUST is the first building block to developing a sustainable, healthy culture.  How do you build - and maintain - trust?  How can you open the channels for candid communication and honest feedback?

Answers to these questions and more, with the ability to tailor the workshop to your specific organizational needs.

How to Be Heard (without SCREAMING)
Have you ever felt like the teacher in a Peanuts cartoon?

Your lips are moving...but noone's really HEARING you.

It's one thing to put information OUT...but how do you get THROUGH? That's the art of effective communication, and this workshop will reveal tools to help you be heard, including:

  • The power of preparation
  • Sound bites (not just for TV interviews!)
  • Bridging back to your talking points
  • The secret to eloquence

Whether making a case for budget dollars, speaking at a podium, being interviewed by a reporter, or simply speaking up in a staff meeting, your voice is important. This class will help you speak up with confidence - and be HEARD.

How to Fertilize Your Life
Did you know that just like a brand new car that depreciates when you drive it off the lot, your LIFE can be depreciated by negative behaviours?

If you want your life to BLOOM; if you want value and joy and a sense of worth, you might not realize that you are your own worst enemy.

How to Fertilize Your Life will make you laugh, and learn - and inspire the audience to return to gratitude.


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Sarasota Center Boulevard, Sarasota, FL, USA


The Busy Person's Survival Guide: 10 Keys to Reclaim Your Joy in Work and Life
The Fear Factor: Facing the Bully to Realize Your Dreams
Dealing with Difficult People
Enhancing Your Corporate Culture
How to Be Heard (without SCREAMING)
How to Fertilize Your Life

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