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Meet Brett StClair, Ex-Googler turned digital banker and now CEO of Brett is a leading mind on Digital transformation and digital trust, spending his time delivering powerful Keynotes and Workshops with all levels of business across the planet and then some.


With a curriculum canon that spans 2 decades of leading Google’s Admob, Youtube and Google’s Cloud AI and ML business across Africa and rebuilding Barclays Africa Digital Business.


Brett St. Clair is an eccentric tech entrepreneur and international keynote speaker with over 20 years’ experience in the digital landscape.


As co-founder and CEO of AI-enablement company,, Brett helps pilot Digital Transformation across a wide variety of industries. His passion ultimately lies in the power of scale, helping businesses leverage key technology trends, drive competitive advantage and unlock the true potential of AI.


Brett has over 10 years of Silicon Valley experience, where he has worked to build African successes such as Admob (The largest global Mobile Advertising Network), Android, Youtube, Google and Google's Cloud Computing across Africa.


He has also filled notable roles as Digital Executive at Barclays Africa and African Regional Executive at Google Cloud. This background gives him a firm and technical understanding of the challenges that enterprises face moving into the next industrial revolution.


Having delivered close to 30 keynotes and with experience in hosting global Google events with 25,000+ attendees, it’s safe to say that Brett has a knack for oration. In delivering captivating keynotes, he combines humour, energy and empathy to capture the highs and lows of the startup and corporate world, delve into the power of hyperscale computing and explore the fascinating link between AI and UX.


Brett is Shares his lessons, failures and successes as an International Professional Speaker and Co-host on ThinkWTF (What’s The Future) Podcast


His adrenaline-charged keynotes will inspire action and land the digital transformation narrative for the tech savvy as well as the tech virgins.


As a keynote speaker Brett brings together his unique experience and insights to deliver a series of keynotes on digital disruption, how to digitally transform, and how to leverage exponential technologies to rebuild your Digital Workflows using technologies like AI and Machine Learning to create fabulous working and customer experiences.


Keynote Topic #1

Rebuilding for Rebel Technologists

The world is changing faster than it did this time last year and the year before

How will Web 3.0 actually impact digital marketing, and will it? Or is this just a fad?

Will Crypto flop? Or, will you be able to sell product with no transaction fee and at any micro price point ?

How valuable is your team's time? Are they working on repetitive work? OR, Are they focused on rebuilding technology and capability that automates the mundane? Thus creating time rather than consuming time.

Where do organisations even start their journey to become ever changing digital businesses? Change should be a way of working not a management cycle.


45 min Keynote from Brett StClair

Keynote: Rethink, Rebuild your Business - Digitally


Every business is different Why you need to take the new age of digital seriously.

The world has changed so quickly. Have things really gone web3.0? What does that mean for your business?

How this new world of digital impacts my customer, my product, my production, my business model.

What should you take seriously and why.

Where do we even start?

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  • CEO Founder MyBroadband
    10/12/2020 at 10:44 am

    “MyBroadband has used Brett as a speaker for multiple conferences, and he always provides a brilliant presentation at exactly the right level.

    His strong tech knowledge and experience in the global digital landscape helps him to bring complex concepts together and deliver it to the audience in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way.

    We can highly recommend him for any conference – he is a world-class speaker and a pleasure to work with.”
    CEO Founder MyBroadband

    Keynote Talk - Live

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