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South Africa



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Free State

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Brigadier-General Molefi Hlalele (pronounced “general”) , was born and bred in the Free State, South Africa.


After he joined the military in 1991 and was commissioned an officer after the basic training, attended officers’ development and leadership courses at various military institutions.


The president of South Africa appointed him as a general after distinguishing himself as a fearless leader and yet caring for those entrusted under his command.


General Molefi has been deployed to various deployment missions under Southern African Development Community (SADC), African Union (AU) and United Nations (UN) outside South Africa in various positions.


His tertiary education includes military qualifications and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from University of South Africa (UNISA), Post-graduate Diploma Management (PDM-Security) from the University of Witwatersrand, Post-graduate Diploma Business Administration (PDBA) from University of Cape Town.


Brigadier-General Molefi Hlalele | Leadership Speaker


Leadership positions in the military include commanding units, military instructor and leadership positions at the headquarters level.


Molefi has published a book called “No Retreat No Surrender: Life and leadership lessons from a military man”. It is an inspiring book, talking to leaders on how to develop their employees and how the employees can be motivated to achieve the goals and objectives of the company.


Most of the talks are based on this bestselling book and the research conducted in the writing of it and other academic papers.


General Molefi was appointed as the General Officer Commanding in KZN during the unrest in that part of our country and Gauteng and now shares knowledge on leadership and lessons learned during that time of unrest.


Lastly he is conducting field tours to the battlefields in the Free State, North West and Northern Cape. The focus is on previous wars such as Anglo-Boer war, World War 1 and World war 2. He is registered with SA Military History Society for this purpose.

Keynote Topic #1

Motivation versus Discipline: Military perspective:

  • Definitions
  • Differences
  • Which one is the winner
Keynote Topic #2

Life and Leadership lessons from a military man:

  • The talk is based on my book, No Retreat No Surrender
  • It covers a variety of focused areas according to the need of the client
Keynote Topic #3

The H-Concept:

  • Achieving more with less
  • Applied examples include industries such as agriculture, entrepreneurship, etc
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