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    Bronwyn Arendse story is centered around growing up poor on the Cape Flats. A story of hope and inspiration. From poverty and obscurity to Triumph.


    Bronwyn Arendse is a wife, mom, Businesswoman, and motivational speaker. She completed her tertiary education in Marketing management, Supply Chain Management, and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership.


    Having worked for some of the world’s biggest corporate brands such as DHL and Bidvest Panalpina logistics she has a wealth of knowledge on building 3PL, 4PL and 5PL solutions. She also enjoyed her career breakthrough success at Africa’s largest Retailer the Pepkor Group.



    1. Who inspired you to pursue professional speaking? My husband. He always said I had a way with words and people listen when I speak. He kept pushing me until I decided to do it. Also I have the gift of the gab, I talk ALL THE TIME!


    1. What do you like most about professional speaking? Having a “moment in time” to uplift and inspire another individual. Many people find themselves in a dark or difficult place. Be it at work or in their personal lives etc. More people need a “pick me up” story than we think. Being able to have the opportunity to change and inspire a life with my story is what I enjoy most about speaking


    1. What do you dislike most about professional speaking? Probably the pressure of disappointing an audience. People give me their time which is something extremely precious. I don’t take that lightly and always hope I can add some positivity to their lives.



    1. Why have you succeeded in a field where many have failed? (public speaking) We are all just ordinary people making our way through a journey called life. All of us fail from time to time, make mistakes and at some stage feel like we want to give up or we don’t belong. I think part of my success is my ability to be vulnerable and honest. People connect with you when they can relate. I love telling relatable stories!


    1. Where did you grow up? I grew up on the Cape Flats. A place called Mitchell’s Plain


    1. Where did you study? Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Tower stone Global and Northlink College. Yes, I know way too much studying in my life!


    1. Who is your celebrity crush? I’ve always had a thing for Cristiano Ronaldo


    1. What do you watch on TV? Reality TV and documentaries! I am also a sucker for a good romantic movie.


    1. How did you get started? I started out by giving Life skills talks, coaching and mentoring to teenagers at a youth organization about 20 years ago.


    1. What are your career goals? I’ve always wanted to be a good Leader. Jobs and titles come and go, good leaders make lasting impacts in their field of business. I’ve also always wanted to have the opportunity to address an international audience. “Travel to Talk!”


    1. What are your personal goals? To raise happy kids, inspire as many people as I can and to ensure I fulfill my life’s purpose.


    1. What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work? I love the outdoors, walks on the beach with my family, reading, a good old fashion braai and catching up on series!


    1. Who are your heroes? Why? Michelle Obama! She succeeded against all odds. When she stood in the face of adversity, she rose above it. She became the very first women of color to be the first lady of the USA! She sacrificed herself to serve others and she did it with a smile. Being the first lady, a businesswoman, a mom, a wife and she did it all under severe public pressure, scrutiny and criticism. Yet she did it all!!


    1. Any hobbies? I enjoy boxing it’s a good stress reliever


    1. Do you have hidden talents? I can actually play the drums


    1. Your biggest pet peeve and why? Judgmental people. Since none of us perfect, can we just cut the rest of humanity some slack already.



    1. If you could invite any three people in the world (alive or dead) for dinner, who would they be and why? Nelson Mandela – Can you imagine enduring the pain and suffering of apartheid and then being sent to prison because you fought for the freedom of suffering people. Then coming out of prison smiling, having forgiven your perpetrators, treating them with respect and choosing to inspire rather than take revenge. I need to know how he did that!!!

    The Bee Gee’s – Absolutely love their music!

    Simone Biles – My daughter is an aspiring gymnast and its her dream to meet Simone. Can you imagine what would happen if she found out I could invite any 3 people over to our home for dinner and I did not think to invite her hero!



    1. Anything else you want to tell Hesketh Media? I love children and I serve as the Chairperson on the Parent advisory Board of Curro Private schools.


    1. Favorite Quote? Your pain has a purpose!


    1. Tell us three things about you that nobody would guess.


    I was the captain of the girl’s cricket team in high school, I played the drums in a band and I actually know a whole lot about soccer!

    Keynote Topics

    Succeeding in the face of Adversity: “The PAXI story”.

    Leading without a Title: “Great leaders inspire!”

    Women Empowerment: “It’s time to rise from the ashes!”

    Program Host

    Bronwyn Hesketh always said that she has THE coolest job on the planet. She gets to work with extraordinary human beings on a daily basis, connecting them with audiences who need to hear what they have to say. In fact - it's not even a job: it's an adventure and way of life for her. Her purpose, really.


    Over the last 25 years, she have been immensely proud and privileged to work with truly amazing South African speakers (and more than a smattering of Internationals, too), and now, as she is busy setting up our San Diego office, Bronwyn is thrilled to exclusively represent them across North America, bringing them to a whole new market of audiences who need to hear their messages.


    This is the platinum lining of the pandemic for me: "Virtual" has opened up whole new worlds for us, and she can't wait to get them in front of as many people as humanly possible in the near future.


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