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Caitlin De Ville is a Zambian born and fiercely patriotic, she has performed across the world for Royalty, Presidents and World Leaders.

She has performed in Austria, Germany, Ghana, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malawi, Mauritius, Montenegro, Namibia, Romania, Seychelles, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, UAE (Abu Dhabi & Dubai), USA and Zambia!

There is no mistaking that she is a traditional violinist; her shows are a combination of energy, drama, technology and the result of a long term love affair with popular and underground culture.

Having used the internet to teach her how to play violin, (pre-Youtube and Google),

CaitLin had no music teachers’ rules to adhere to and her fascination with electric violins saw Cait transition from acoustic to electric instruments within her first year of playing.

It’s no surprise that she has found a home for her performances on a global stage via YouTube.

To date, she has one of the most subscribed channels in South Africa with over 7 million views on her videos.

It all started with a front-end loader in Zambia in 2005.

Caitlin De Ville

Since then, Cait has found herself on top of trucks, buses, tractors and even jumping between cabins on moving trains whilst performing!

Taking ‘adventurous showmanship’ to new heights, she can also perform an aerial act which sees her back flipping , flying over the audience’s heads and playing upside down without missing a beat!

With a loyal, fast growing fan base worldwide, Caitlin De Ville is always on the lookout for direct-to-fan online portals –

From the obvious Facebook and Twitter to the truly game changing Patreon (crowd funding) and Loudr (Licensing, distribution and a pay-what-you-want model).

Her experimentation with ‘vlogging’ as a way of communicating with her followers worldwide, lead to an affiliation with USA based network, ‘Geek & Sundry’, one of 160 networks that contributes to the YouTube Original Channel initiative, for which she co-hosts the bi-monthly vlog, ‘Songs of Adventure’.

CaitLin is passionate about music but mostly being on stage! First and foremost, she is an entertainer who love to entertain, coming to life under the spotlight!

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Corporate Entertainment
Year End Entertainer

Booking Info

CaitLin’s performance options include:
– She can perform upbeat pop/dance music in the following set lengths: (1 x 45 min set OR 3 x 15 min sets OR 2 x 20 min sets)

- Choreographed with dancers (up to 4 numbers in a 45 min show OR 2 numbers per 20 min show OR 1 number per 15 min show).

- Collaboration with ‘Drum Machine DJ’ to get the party started!

- Aerial act (this is the most effective as a short 3-5 min impact performance)

- Choreographed act with projection mapped custom visuals (can include company logos) by RAIDO (up to 3 short numbers per 20 minute show for maximum impact)

Tech Requirements

Microphones and DI

DI box Acoustic and Electric guitar Venue 2


Back Line Instruments

Guitar Amp/ not specified


Stage Monitors

Yamaha SMR series/JBL

JRX112M or similar Vocal, Guitars

PA Preference Yamaha MGX with

onboard effects


Corporate Entertainment
Year End Entertainer

Booking Rates

Please note all fees exclude travel and accommodation where required.

Please send an enquiry through my calendar for a quote relevant to your entertainment requirements.

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