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Colin J Browne heads up Happy Sandpit, a South African organisational culture consultancy which helps organisations of all sizes to increase employee engagement, performance and loyalty.

He is the author of ‘How to Build a Happy Sandpit’, a ground-breaking book based on research conducted with more than 60 South African businesses over several years, on how their cultures drive success.

Colin has lectured at GIBS, Wits Business School and Unisa and he has worked with hundreds of South African businesses to understand and to implement better engagement techniques.

He will demonstrate that by changing the context of the work that they do, your employees will deliver performance that will help you soar to success.

Colin conducts keynotes and workshops aimed at helping organisations to identify and to overcome their particular challenges in the six key areas that define a more engaged organisation:

–    A willingness to extend TRUST
–    The de-emphasis of HIERARCHY
–    Respect for the TWO-WAY STREET
–    An obsession with VALUES
–    The ability to HIRE for culture fit

Each is a backed up by case studies of African organisations who have excelled in these areas; what they did; why they did it; and how they went about it. Learn how you can create the same results and dramatically increase your employee engagement.

Colin J Browne

Colin J Browne has provided services and conducted workshops on employee engagement, organisational culture buy-in and leadership team development at organisations including:

The American Chamber of Commerce, American Tower Corporation, AOS, BMW South Africa, Bank Gaborone (Botswana), Cavmont Bank (Zambia), CBS, City of Johannesburg, Comair, German Chamber of Commerce, Huge Telecom, Innovation Group, Intel, MBD Credit Solutions, Nashua, PMSA, SAMRO, McCarthy Toyota, Bank Windhoek (Namibia) and Zurich Insurance.

He has appeared on SABC 2, Morning Live, SABC 3 Expresso, 702’s The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, Metro FM, Kaya FM, Two Oceans Vibe, Cliff Central, Radio Junto and Ballz Radio.

  • Are mobile working and flexitime good for culture or bad?
  • Does the current leave structure work in a 21st century working world?
  • How do modern perks measure up as benefits to employers, versus employees?
Keynote Topic #1

How to reshape your marketing objectives so that employees become your most powerful tools

Marketers tend to obsess about cutting through the clutter, being heard through the noise and standing out in a daily hurricane of conflicting messaging all aimed at a constantly less interested audience. And in a relentlessly globalising
world, those challenges are here to stay. But there is an audience that will listen to you with rapt attention and convey
your message out into their own spheres of influence with giddy enthusiasm, if you care to embrace them.

Employees are solid gold for any marketing department or any organisation that believes in the benefits of marketing. Arm them with the tools, the messaging and the narrative and you give them reasons to believe. Do it with an insatiable appetite for transparency and you give them the tools to convince. This communication-focused talk runs through the lifecycle of a single, repeatable year, in the life of the ideal ‘employee as marketer.

An actionable 12 month journey of an employee with highlighted key communication opportunities.
• How to choose your most viable moments for sharing and enhancing your narrative.
• Real world examples of organisations whose employees are like raving fans, and how to turn your organisation into one too.

60 - 90 minutes, tailored to your needs
• For marketers, communications leaders, and anyone who believes in transparent communication

Keynote Topic #2

How to create a sales culture that turns your current sales team into a target-busting machine

The subjects of sales team structure, motivation and incentivisation are long trodden paths that seem to constantly return us to square one, asking the same questions again and again:
• How do I create healthy competition?
• How do I get sustainably great performance out of my team members?
• How do I organise them to play to their strengths yet serve the organisation first?
• What kind of leader attributes are most likely to help us achieve that?
This talk gets to the heart of one of the most turbulent, challenging culture sets there is, and presents some surprising ideas for maximising co-operation, loyalty, performance and results within sales teams of any type.

Three big (and not so obvious) reasons your sales teams need so much management.
• Four alternative models for great sales team structure and reward.
• The evolving role of the leader; a new model for driving performance, loyalty and engagement in a culture-first environment.

60 - 90 minutes, tailored to your needs
• For leaders and managers with a special interest or responsibility for sales performance, sales results or sales team motivation and strategy

Keynote Topic #3

The role of HR in employee happiness

You don’t typically think of HR as a ‘fun’ factory, or an engine for generating happiness, and yet no area of specialisation in any organisation is better suited to do so. Why? Because YOU write the rules. At Happy Sandpit we firmly believe
in rules, policies, processes and the like. We believe they’re necessary and we believe they can be helpful and empowering as guides.
But you know what we don’t believe in? Stupid ones. And most organisations have too many of those.
This popular talk is about spanning the gap between the organisation and the employee using a fresh new set of bridges, by looking at the current challenges and daring to innovate solutions, based on real-world ideas.
It’s a jarring talk, but one bursting with positive energy. It’s also a talk of practical ideas, delivered in a framework that you can adopt and emulate in order to drive greater employee experience-first thinking through your organisation, originating from the HR department.

The five biggest reasons you’re struggling to get engagement right now

• New tools, activities and philosophies and ways to reshape current ones, to put HR at the centre of people strategy, development and leadership
• Real world examples of how Southern African HR and interlinked departments are leading the charge in employee happiness today.

60 - 90 minutes, tailored to your needs
• For employees and all members of the organisation from the very ‘top’ to the
very ‘bottom’ - ideal for company-wide get aways

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  • Tidimalo Jama
    04/11/2022 at 5:38 am

    Colin Browne was one of the best speakers I have ever heard on Organisational Culture. His experience on the subject was so evident and translated organisational culture into practical actionable solutions. He kept the audience so engaged throughout the virtual talk.

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