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Dale Wilsher is a professional development expert, executive leadership coach, CPLC, PCC, CCSP, motivational speaker, and DISC personality trainer who knows that the secret to employee engagement, client attraction, and business motivation lies in mastering your meaning.


As the owner of Your Authentic Personality, she helps professionals and entrepreneurs make the highet and best use of who they are, find and create deeply meaningful work, tap into their unique purpose, and become all they are meant to be.

Dale’s heroic and very human story of fighting for the hearts, souls, and very lives of her daughters, confirms the power of meaning and the passion it provides to raise us above the pressure to please and perform to make our highest contribution.

Specializing in the WHY behind our life and work, Dale takes us beyond apathy and ambition, to the place where each of us can make a significant difference while making our living. If your audience is hungry for inspiration and affirmation in addition to something real, powerful and engaging, Dale delivers.


Since 2007 she has presented hundreds of inspirational messages on the topics of mindset, purpose, and personality to audiences ranging from non-profits to small business owners and corporations. Through her authentic style, Dale has a knack for engaging an audience, teaching them a new way to think, and providing practical tools to make that happen. Funny and insightful, Dale weaves real life stories into rich content and leaves everyone with a renewed sense of energy and purpose.


She is the author of the award-winning personality book and creator of several online courses for those with a thirst for practical meaning. Dale lives a meaningful life in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and four empowered daughters and is dedicated to meaningful for-profit work with non-profit passion.

Workshop Topics

    Why Discovery

    A two hour coaching session to articulate a WHY statement that describes your unique contribution and the ultimate impact you are designed to make. This is used to attract your ideal client, direct your professional path,  and make everyday of your life deeply purposeful. Book a call to see if this is right for you.

    Life to the Full

    A comprehensive coaching program to develop each of the eight essentials required to live your best life. Together we'll create a vision of your ideal life and create the structure and action plan to get you there. You'll know how to apply your unique strengths, core values, and WHY to everyday life as well as manage your emotions, correct your inner critic, and establish healthy boundaries. Book a call to create your Life to the Full.

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