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Dane Jensen

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Dane Jensen is the CEO of Third Factor, an acclaimed speaker, an instructor at Queen's University and the University of North Carolina, a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review, and the author of The Power of Pressure  (HarperCollins).


Dane oversees Third Factor's delivery of leadership development programs to leading firms across North America including SAP, RBC, Uber, Twitter, the USGA, and others.


What’s the Most Pressure You’ve EVER been under?

Third Factor CEO Dane Jensen has asked this question of thousands of people, from Olympic athletes and Navy SEALS to over-worked managers and busy parents, and discovered that while each experience is unique, pressure has patterns. These patterns are somewhat counter-intuitive, but once we learn to recognize them we can learn to use the energy that accompanies pressure to thrive. In short, pressure can be a wind at our back instead of a weight on our shoulders.

These lessons, along with some of the most incredible stories Dane heard, have all gone into his new book, The Power of Pressure: Why Pressure Isn’t the Problem, it’s the Solution.



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