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"No one should be a spectator to the same thing they were born to do." Daniel Cole.

Success Speaker | Peak Performance and Personal Development Trainer | Corporates Trainer

Growing up, I have always wondered why some succeed and why others don't. Why fans, spectators, and supporters are always more, in comparison to the major players.

Why some live their life to the fullest, and why do others seem to go through life floating. Success leaves clues, irrespective of how we define it, and so also do failures.

I believe it is wise for anyone who aims to live a life of peak performance, success and achievement, to take clues from those who have succeeded. And this I have done for the last two decades.

Driven by a heightened sense of urgency and a disciplined approach to time, Daniel Cole becomes a published authour at 24. His book, titled "The Science of Success." Passionate about skills and personal development, At 25 years, Daniel Cole founded the International Institute of Personal Development, South Africa. An institute position to train on personal development and IT courses.  "Your passion is always a pointer to your purpose."  The beauty of conquering a feat is that it motivates you to pursue something much bigger.

Today, Daniel Cole is an International Columnist, corporate trainer, motivational speaker, TEDx Talk Speaker (Organized by the University of South Africa). Regional Manager, Southern Africa region at TigerWit Africa. He's a weekly guest at 89.1 FM radio station, where he speaks on the subject relating to peak performance, self-mastery, and success, to a listenership of over 130,000.

Daniel Cole is a contributor to Canada's leading Caribbean Newspaper (Toronto Carib). He's passionate and speaks on the subject of peak performance from a corporate and individual perspective, personal development, success, and motivation. He has trained for local and international organizations. A few organizations where Daniel has conducted training include, but not limited to, Global Micro Solutions in South Africa. CHS Technologies in Nigeria. High Hope University Campus, to name a few.


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